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9AppsDo you regularly watch videos on YouTube? Want to download them? Or the app eating up your phone storage? You need YouTube Go app. This is a brand new app developed by Google LLC. The app lets you use your YouTube account in the same way you do in regular app, but in a different way. The YouTube Go is made for those who do not have much space in their device and thus unable to run YouTube properly. The app gives you a facility to download the videos you watch on YouTube. You would not need any extra app to download videos from YouTube, instead this app will give you the option automatically.

YouTube Go app lets you watch the videos or download them in your device. Its up to you what you choose. You can download videos in phone memory or external storage. You will be able to watch videos without buffer. This app is capable of working in slow internet and less data. The app is itself of the small size so the users can download it in even in the less internal memory. It asks the users to choose the MB size of videos before downloading them in your device. It is available in 9Apps.

How to download YouTube Go using 9Apps?

Download 9Apps in your device and open the app after installation. In the search option type YouTube Go and search. You will get the app tap on it and install.

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