9Apps My Idea- Recharge

9AppsDo you use Idea sim?? Then get the My Idea Recharge app now. It is a useful app that makes it easy for all the Idea users to get their best offers available on their number. You can get all the available offers and can activate them for your Idea sim. My Idea Recharge and Payments app is not just for getting the latest offers, it is much more than that. It allows all the Idea users to manage their Idea connections in the app. They can add more or withdraw if needed with this app.

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9Apps Candy Crush Saga

9AppsPlaying games online can be fun. You don’t need to go out, you don’t need anyone to play with you, you don’t need to travel anywhere. All you need is your device and the internet. But of course, you need a good game too which you can play alone. But the question arises, which game should you use? The selection of the game matters a lot because it is what the main thing is. The game should be interesting enough so that one can play it alone. And one such game is Candy Crush Saga. The game is one of the best and famous game ever. You just need to download it and play the game whenever you are bored. In this game, you don’t need multiplayer. One person can play the game alone and trust me, it is so addictive game that if one starts playing it, they can not stop their self from playing it. There is more than 20-30 level available. So one can not get enough of it. Once the level is passed, you will get an upgrade to another level. Continue reading

9Apps Google Earth

9AppsWant to have a digital trip? Get Google Earth now for that. Google Earth is an app that shows you the satellite map of Earth. The app gives you a complete trip to different locations of Earth. This app can be used to know different places, and even to teach children about the earth. The app also has a Google Mars option which can be used to view Mars. The maps of Google Earth are crystal clear, they can show minor details easily. This can even show you your Locality. Details are so clear that viewing your Backyard and things you have in your backyard would not be a problem here.

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9Apps Pinterest

9AppsWe have seen a lot of social networking websites which give us almost same options everywhere. Though, it is good, it bore us sometimes. But do you know, there are other type of social networking websites too. Here we are talking about Pinterest. It is one of its kind. Pinterest is a image sharing social networking websites where you can create an account and share creative ideas with world. It connects you with the world through your and their ideas. You can also share articles on this website. It allows you to view and follow other’s profiles. Similarly, other people would be able to follow you and your ideas.

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9Apps MyVodafone

9AppsSince the time prepaid sims have launched with great offers, people have started using their apps to get all those offers. One such app is MyVodafone app. It is an app for all the Vodafone network users, where they can check all the latest offers on their number. It is not just for the prepaid users, but also for Postpaid Vodafone users. The app has been designed to make it convenient for the users to check their usage, make recharges and a lot more in one place. This app identifies Wifi zones, and allows you to connect to the available WiFi. You can make recharges on the app of all of your family members or friends.

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9Apps My Airtel-Recharge

9AppsNowadays when everything is being digitalized, we hardly take a step out of the house for doing things like shopping, recharge, buying food and etc. And yes, after getting so many apps through which we can make recharge at home, we don’t visit shops to get our phone’s recharge done. We instead make it through using the apps and today we are going to discuss one such app called My Airtel Recharge. This is the app for the Airtel sim users. All the Airtel users can use the app for making their recharges done online. Not only that, but you can track your postpaid plan, prepaid plan, and broadband connection if any. You can track anything through the app. You can also see the new plans and according to that, you can make your recharge done. If you want, you can choose the recharge plan from the plan list you will see. The best thing is that there will be many offers you can see and many cashback offers will be available. You can choose the recharge and apply the offer and make the recharge. The app is indeed one of the best apps for sure.  Continue reading

9Apps YONO by SBI

9AppsRecently when the digitalization happened to our country, people started using apps for making the payments online instead of using the cash. It is indeed a good way to make the country cashless. However, there are several apps which charges a high amount for making a transaction which might not value your money enough. Also, there is a chance of fraudulent activity also if we trust unknown apps. But after such things happened, the SBI launched its authorized app called  YONO by SBI. The app is nothing but an app for making your online payments easy. Here, you just need to download the app and log in to your SBI account internet banking. Once you make it successfully, you can make the payments online without being late. You just need to give one click and the payment will be done. Talking about how safe it is, you can be assured as the app is from SBI and hence, it is totally safe and secured. You can make IMPS, NEFT and other transaction payments online. You just need to have an SBI account for that and you can make the transactions safe. Continue reading

9Apps My Talking Angela

9AppsDo you have a kid in your home who is a toddler and whom you want to distract by any game? well, if you do, you need an app through which you can ask let them play. Today we are going to talk about one such app only, called Talking Angela. This app is nothing but the sequel of My talking tom which introduced few years back and people loved the app. It is basically an app where the cat will behave like a kid and you have to take care of her properly. Angela is the female version of the same cat and it is also now the famous app nowadays. Not just kids but elders also use the app as they find it funny to use it. The app has a cat voice which talks in our language and that makes it more fun. Forgetting the food to the cat, you need to play some games and earn enough points to purchase the food. You will see many different types of games available. The app is indeed the best app for fun and playing. Continue reading

9Apps Bubble Shooter

9AppsEveryone has a in their mobile. When it’s about puzzle game, we all love such games. One such puzzle game is Bubble Shooter. Originally, it is nothing new, its just the plain shooting game we all have been playing since childhood. Still, Bubble Shooter is one of the popular games available on app stores and has already got millions of downloads. This game is compact and interesting, which makes it’s fan following still in huge number. It has an arcade and a puzzle game mode. In arcade mode users would need to hit the descending balls. In its puzzle mode, users would need to hit static balls.

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9Apps Freecharge

9AppsDigitisation has changed the payment system everywhere. This has given a rise to digital wallets. One of the popular digital wallet is Freecharge. It let’s you add your money and do a lot of thing using this e wallet. It had helped lot to eliminate the need of keeping physical cash. Freecharge gives you lot of payment options which are really useful in daily life. You can recharge your prepaid mobile sim using the app. It also allows you to pay your bills like electricity and gas bills. You would need to add money in this wallet using net banking, cards or any other payment method available on the net.

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