9Apps Canvas

If you are someone who likes making posts, then this app will be perfect for you. If you have started something and you don’t have a paid tool with you, then downloading Canva app will be a great thing as you can edit the pictures, make the wallpapers, logos and design a picture from the tool very easily. This tool has two versions, it comes as a paid and free, both versions but if you don’t want to spend, you also can use the free version which is also a decent enough to get started. You can simply use the app and make your own wallpaper with it. Continue reading


9Apps Smartcoin

There are many apps available for recharges and making payments. But is there any app that also pays you some points whenever you make a recharge to it? Well, if you don’t know what am I talking about, then we are discussing an app called Smartcoin here. This app is an easy app which will also share you some points when you make a payment. You also can lend loan from the app and this will also be done without any extra cost. Now let us talk about how you can download this app in your device for free. Continue reading


9Apps Truebalance

Lacking of funds and not sure from where to get it? Go nowhere, and download this amazing app truebalance. this app will give you the funds as per your cibil report. you need to share your PAN details with the app and on the basis of your report, you will be given the loan with some interest amount. You can simply use the app and get the funds when it is required urgently. Also, if you want to make a recharge or something, you can use this platform and do it easily. The app is very easy and straight for everyone who wants to use the app. Continue reading


9Apps Pi

9AppsAre you waiting to earn some free tokens? There are many such apps that are available to make you earn some free tokens. But one such app is Pi. It is a token that is well known and if you download the app, you will be able to earn it daily by mining it on your device. You only have to mine in your device and start earning the tokens. You can collect the tokens and use them when you want to do trading. It is also good when it comes to P2P trading. You can start earning and collect them. For that, you are only required to start the earning every 24 hours. Once you do it, you can keep earning them automatically. Continue reading


9Apps WazirX

9AppsAre you waiting to try your luck in crypto currency? If yes, then download this amazing app called WazirX. This app is indeed a blessing for everyone who wants to invest in crypto and maintain their portfolio. You can buy and sell from the app and this app is a legitimate application for everyone. You can download the app once and start trading on daily basis. You also can have many more features of the app but you will know them all once you download the app. Continue reading


9Apps Coinbase

9AppsIf you’re known with the crypto market, then you know that there are several apps required for checking the trends, looking at the market, etc. There are so many apps for the same. Today, we are discussing the app Coinbase. It is also a known app for knowing the prices of currencies. You can check the trends, know if it is a hike or getting low or what is the current price. You will be able to know everything in the app. It is an easy thing that you can do with the app and even you will be able to note and set an alarm if the price is getting low or not. Continue reading


9Apps Crypto Miner

Are you trying to make money but unable to do that? Well, if yes, then you must download this amazing mining app called Crypto miner. If you know what is mining, you know how hard it is and how time and cost consuming task it is. You need a mining machine and the electricity cost will also be the barrier which you need to face there. If you’re available for everything but you don’t want to pay that high price, then you also can start mining even on your device. You just need to download this app called Crypto Miner and start mining by playing an easy game. It is worth giving your time as you will be able to earn the tokens which can be redeemed later. Continue reading

9Apps Clubhouse

Do you like listening to informative things? Are you the one missing the gossip sessions with your friends? If that’s so, then you can do everything and recreate it in this app called Clubhouse. it is a recently launched app made for audio messaging and discussing things. You can make a group there and listen to the conversations that interest you. You also can take part in it and host your own event in the app. The best part about the app? That it is free of cost. You don’t have to pay anythi1ng for it. It is very simple, just make your username and start using the app as soon as you download it. You can download them anytime with a simple and easy click and get started with it. Continue reading


9Apps CaptainRupee

If you are someone who is stressed about your payments because you are out of money and you are not yet credited, then you really need to download one app we are talking about. Yes, the app we are discussing here is a money lending app which is different from other apps. You do not need to wait for so long and you can get the money within minutes via using the app. You are not required to pay a lot of interest as the app is quite affordable and takes nominal charges when it comes to interest. Anyone who is in a need of money can rely on this app totally.

Continue reading

9Apps strava

Do you want to motivate yourself by seeing your progress of your fitness? Fitness is a must thing in our lives and one should not take it lightly. It is important and that’s how you must treat it. No matter what you do, you must be active and that does not take much time. You can be active with some sedentary activities such as brisk walk, cycling and etc. But how to know how much you have rode today? Or how many steps have you walked today? Well, for all these questions, you can download an app called strava. This app is an amazing app which will count and track all your physical activities with accuracy. You can simply download the app once and after that, you can be as active as you want to be and track it all. Continue reading