9Apps Flipaclip

Do you like making cartoons but you are just a beginner now and you want to learn a lot in this field? Well, in that case, you need to use this amazing app called Flipaclip in your device. Yes, this device is an easy one that one can download for making some amazing art online. You do not need to worry about anything as this app will help you in making the best designs in terms of making the cartoon. The tool has it all, every tool and thing that is required for making an advanced cartoon creature. The best thing about the app is that it will help you in making the cartoon creature even if you don’t know how to do that. It will give you the proper guide through which you can make the creature for free. Continue reading


9Apps Calorie counter app

We are so stressed these days about the calorie intake that we wish to note down everything that we eat these days to understand how many calories are we having. It is indeed an easy thing that you can do to keep yourself fit as there are many apps available these days that you can get for counting on your calories. However, since most of those apps are paid, you might not be able to have all the features for free. But using the app called calorie counter will help you in counting the calories without paying for it. The app has got no money involved in it and thus, you can easily use the app without any issues. It is an easy way where you can have a fair track of your calories and there is every food item available with the calories count so you do not have to do a lot at all. Continue reading


9Apps Sketchbook

Do you like painting? If you do, and you do not have anything where you can do it, then downloading the app Sketchbook will help you for sure. This app will be able to make you sketching on your favorite designs without paying anything extra. The app is easy and one can download it without paying anything to the app. Using the app is very easy as you just have to download it and start sketching anything that you wish to. It is an easy app where you also can have variety of things that can be used for making a great sketch. It has all the advanced tools available that is used by a professional. Also, you do not have to pay as the app will come with all these features for free of cost. Continue reading

9Apps Colornote notepad

If you are someone who keeps forgetting the things that you have to do, then the best option is to write it and remember it in form of writing. It helps many people in remembering the things that they have to do. We are sharing an app called Colornote notepad for you which can only be downloaded on any android device. This app will help you in noting down the things for you. Be it any number or anything special that you can not note down anywhere else, you can simply note it in this application and your data will be saved. Yes, it is indeed a great app that you can download and use. Continue reading


9Apps EatSure

Wishing to have a good meal today but unsure with where to buy it from? You are busy and so as the wallets of your favorite delivery app? Well, don’t be dishearten as we are here with a proper solution for the same. You can easily download the app and order your food from the app EatSure. This app is pretty easy and one can download it without facing any issues. It is easy and can be done with a single click. You can simply have as many food orders as you want from whatever place you want it from. All you need to do is to click on the favorite restaurant and order food by adding your details to it. There are many coupons and offers available too which will help you in getting the food easily available in good rates too. Yes, it is very easy and can be done easily. Continue reading

9Apps The Hindu

Do you wish to get all the news that is going on on your device for free? Well, if yes, then downloading this newspaper app called The Hindu will be very helpful for you. If you ask why, then the answer is very simple. By downloading this app, you can easily get all the news on your device without paying anything extra. You do not need to pay anything to read the new news at all. This app is pretty easy and can be downloaded in a single go. You do not need to wait for anything or do anything to get the news for free. This app is sufficient and can be used without any other tool. And yes, since it is a very famous publication, you do not need to worry about this app at all. Continue reading

9Apps TV9 Bharatvansh

If you are a news lover who likes watching news in hindi, then there is an application for you as well. We are going to provide the same here in details so that you can easily download it in your android device and you will get a small TV where you can easily watch all your favorite news. The app is pretty easy and is free of cost so you do not have to worry about paying for the same. The app TV9 Bharatvansh is a one-stop application that you can easily download to watch the news of your choice. This app can be easily downloaded in any android device that has the higher version than 4.0. Continue reading


9Apps Amazon Seller

Are you a seller who is selling your own products on Amazon? Then you really need to have a separate application for that which will help you in handling all your products along with the order tracking and etc. There is an app called Amazon Seller which is a verified app made by Amazon itself for its seller. If you are looking forward to use it, you can easily download this app to manage all your products and everything. The app is pretty easy and can be downloaded without any issues. You can easily manage to download this app and track all your orders from the same. It is a free app that you can download in a single go. Continue reading


9Apps Grocery Factory

Who would mind having the fresh vegetables and fruits being supplied at the doorstep? You will not mind having those if you are getting them in good discounted rates. Isn’t it? Most of the time when you pay more, you are basically paying for the chain in which there is a huge percent of commission is involved for the middle man. However, if you just directly deal with the farmers, you can save a lot of money. But yes, that might not be possible for many of you and thus, using the app Grocery Factory can help you in the same. This app is one of the finest app that can be downloaded in a single go. You do not have to do anything extra to use this app as everything will be given in details and the prices of the products are not only discounted but has a huge margin. Continue reading

9Apps Discovery+

Do you wish to watch the discovery channel? Remember the time when it used to be the most interesting channel to be watched? You could get everything on it and it as a kid, it used to be so interesting for all of us. But since the time we grew up, things have changed and we are not free enough to watch those amazing kinds of stuff again. However, you can still do it with this application called discovery+. This app is a place where you can not only watch stuffs of discovery channel but also few movies and shows for free of cost. Although it has got a subscription available which can be used to remove ads but if you are not in a mood to spend money, you can use the app for free of cost. Continue reading