9Apps Opera Touch

9AppsWant a fast browser in your device? Get opera touch browser. It is a new browser from opera. This browser is designed for smartphones. It is a small sized browser which can be easily installed in your device. The app lets you search the things in one go. You can simply type or use the voice search to search anything you want. Opera touch browser is faster and safe than other browsers. It has end to end encryption providing full safety to the users. This app is downloadable in all platforms. So whichever platform based device you are using, you can have this app in your device easily.

The app allows you to get connected to your PC without any extra app. You can simply scan the QR code and the links and files can be shared on your PC. You would not even have to login into the account. This app lets you scan the QR code of other things as well. You can scan the code and reach to the site it is linked to. Bar code can also be scanned on this app. This app is available in the 9Apps store. Here you can find lots of apps to download in your device.

How to download Opera touch using 9Apps?

To download the app you will have to first download 9Apps in the device. Once downloaded, you will need to open it and type opera touch in the search option. Click on the search icon and you will get the app in the result. Click on it and install.

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