9Apps Samsung Music

9AppsUsing a Samsung Mobile? Want a smooth music player for it? Get the Samsung Music app for your device. This is a music player made for only samsung devices which supports android versions 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0. The application provides its users a powerful music play functionality and best user interface. The interface is that easy that anyone can easily use the app without getting any difficulty in handling the application. the app is available for free of cost and therefore any user can use the app freely without needing to spend anything on this app.

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9Apps Easy Cleaner

9AppsIn this digital era where you all use phone for doing everything, it is important to keep the phone alive and happy. You do need to take some precautions through which your phone will stay alive for longer period of time. There are different things you must do and all these can be done by using a simply app. The app we are discussing here is Easy Cleaner. The app is not just the cleaning app but it will help you in saving the battery which is a big relief for all those who are getting issues because of battery. The app is free of cost and it will help you in keeping the phone clean. All the junk which you might not be able to delete manually, you can delete it through the app. Also, they even do not charge from you. Scroll it here. Continue reading

9Apps Dainik Bhaskar

9AppsAre you the one who does not get time to watch news? Well if it is, you can simply download the app of Dainik Bhaskar which is a leading newspaper and which will show you all the news in Hindi language. You can read the news easily. The app is great and you can use the app for reading all sort of news. Be it bollywood news or local news, every news will be shown in the app. Continue reading

9Apps Telegram X

9AppsDo you want to use the messenger app but you are bored of your existing apps totally? If yes, then you can use the app called Telegram X. This app is all about chatting with your family without any issue. You can text with your friends, send them pictures and use emojis through which the chat will look interesting. So let us now know how to download the app. Continue reading

9Apps Adobe Lightroom

9AppsNeed a photo editor for your device? Get Adobe Lightroom application in your device and enjoy editing your images. The application is available for free of cost as well as in a premium version. You would need to subscribe the premium version if you want to enjoy the advanced features of this app. The application is available for all type of devices so you would be able to get for all of your devices. You would be able to use the application easily as the interface of the application is simple.

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9Apps Axis Mobile

9AppsHave an account in Axis Bank? Stop all those old ways of transferring money through check or cash deposits. Even leave the one you do with net banking. Now you would not have to wait for the website of the bank to work or respond to make your transfer. Make it easy as a tap in your mobile. Yes you can do that all with Axis mobile app. This application is for the axis bank users to given them facility to check their accounts on the go. The interface of the app is easy and simple and there for all can use it with ease.

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9Apps Google Find My Device

9AppsGoogle Find My Device is an application which is developed by Google to provide you a facility to find your device when theft or lost. The application is made for Android devices. The users would be able to trace their device location on the map using this app. Users can easily detect the location as it shows the real location of the device. even if the phone gets switched off, users would get the last known location of the device on the map. The interface of this app is easy and convenient for users.

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9Apps Dual Space

9AppsDo you have two numbers and want to run whatsApp with both in your device? You need Dual space app then. This is an application with which you would be able to run two whatsapp in the same device. Not only, WhatsApp, you would be able to run two social accounts of the same platform without any need to switch every time in your device. The application is available for Android devices only. Other users would not be able to use the app in their device. It has an easy installation process and setup that doesn’t need any technical knowledge.

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9Apps Google One

9AppsDo you need more storage in your Google Drive, Gmail or Google Photos? HAve more things to store but less storage? Don’t worry Google has the solution for you. Google has another product Google One which is made for you to solve all your problems related to Storage of your files and media. The application allows you to store more files in our drives or Gmail. This is a cloud storage app from Google. This helps you to store more with its affordable plans. You would need to purchase the plans to extend your storage.

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9Apps Uber Lite

9AppsUber Lite is a lighter version of the Uber app that makes it easier for the users to get this app when they don’t have more space in their device and also have slow internet speed. The application is able to run in low data as well as it does not consume high data like the standard Uber app. The interface of the application is convenient and designed simply to use in your device. Anyone can easily use the app because of its design. The application is reliable to use and download in your device.

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