9Apps WhatsApp

9AppsAre you bored with the normal texting and other apps where you can text each other? If you are, then you can use the app called WhatsApp. Yes, in most of the countries, this app is not a new app at all. People know it well. But if you don’t know about the app, then you can use this information to know about the app. It is free of cost app where you can talk to the people who are in the app. You just need to save their number and see if they are using this app. You can text them whenever you want to without even thinking that you are going to be charged for it because it is free of cost app. You just need the internet to use the app. In WhatsApp, you can talk to people, you can send each other different files, audio clips, video and many more. It is safe and free of cost. All your talks will be safe in the app. You can make the groups and do the broadcast group messaging too.  Continue reading

9Apps Tinder

9AppsAre you single from long time? If you are, then it’s a high time to use tinder which can make you meet your desired match very easily. Yes, Tinder is the one which will help you here. Talking about how can we run this app, you don’t need to do anything. Just download Tinder in your device and make your profile. You can make the profile through Facebook so that your account will be real and can be trusted by the makers. You can swipe right or swipe left to whosoever you feel like. There will be many people in the app and you can talk to anyone but the condition is that the person should also like you too. This is the only condition in using the app. One more good thing about this app is that you can also use it for free of cost without paying anything. You just need to download the app once. You can also use the picture profile you have used in Facebook or upload something else according to your mood. All these things are possible if you download the app and to download this app, you need to find the store first. Continue reading

9Apps Love Balls

9AppsNeed a strategy game to challenge your mind? Probably you need Love Ball game now. This game is specially designed for those who loves solving puzzles all the day. This game is a mind refreshing game as you would be able to refresh your me and with the regular challenges. Now let’s talk about what game is it. This game is basically a puzzle of 2 balls which would appear on the screen and challenge would be that you would have to connect these two balls. It sounds simple, but trust us it isn’t. The connection could be made by drawing a line or creating a shape around. However, there would be other objects too which will become the obstacle in the connection between these two balls. You would need to find the smartest way to connect them.

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9Apps Lords Mobile

9AppsHave craze of setting up your empire? Want to feel like a royal King? Let’s try a new game Lords Mobile. This game is about kingdom and invading other’s empire. You would be able to clash here with millions of other people around the world. You would be able to here chat with them too. You can get your soldiers who would save your empire from enemy attacks. You would be able to train and groom your army who would fight with enemies and help you to increase your empire by attacking new territories.

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9Apps Little Krishna

9AppsNeed an endless runner game of 2018? Get Little Krishna app now in your device. This game is about the lord little Krishna who tries to eat Makhan and escape from chandrika. The game has been designed based on the show Little Krishna. You would play the character of litre Krishna in this game. Game has amazing graphics and sounds which would help in maintaining your excitement level. You can download the game in all the devices because this is compatible with all platforms. You would be able to multiple levels of this game as it is multilevel game.

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9Apps Real Cake Maker 3D

9AppsAre you looking for some magical game for your little girl? If you are, then here is the magical one for you which your kid can play without thinking once and she will love it for sure. Confused about which game am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about the game called Real Cake Maker 3D here. It is just not the app of making a cake but a game which can for sure make your kid entertained. This game is mostly for the younger kids who like colorful things and in this game, you will have to make the cake and make it colorful and design it according to you. It will indeed be an interesting game where you need to play it. The more colorful you make it, the more point you will get. But to download the game, you need to download the game first. So let us see how can we download it. Continue reading

9Apps Kotak

9AppsSince technology has become advanced, everything has become easier nowadays. People don’t go to banks anymore for sending money. They do it easily through using internet banking which is easy and fast. So today, we are going to talk about one more such app through which banking will become easy. If you don’t have a bank account but want one which is easy to access and can be used without maintaining a lot of balance then you need to make one on Kotak and after making it, you need to download the Kotak app through which making the transactions online will become easy. But how can you use it? For using the app, you just need an OTP which will come in your registered number and through that you can use the app and make online payments easily. It will also make the UPI payments which are fast and trusted. You don’t need to add the one for sending money. All you need is their UPI id and you can send the money. Continue reading

9Apps Motu Patlu Run

9AppsWant to play a new funny game? We have a good suggestion for you. Motu Patlu Run is the game that you must try now. Motu Patlu game us specially created for the cartoon lovers. If you are also a cartoon fan then you must have watched the Motu Patlu cartoon show. The game is based on those lead characters of the show and their adventures. This game us free of cost and can be downloaded easily in all of your devices as it supports all major platforms. This game has also won a award in year 2016.

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9Apps LiveMe

9AppsHave some talent to show off? Or want to give tutorial? If you really have some talent or want to watch or learn something, then you would need LiveMe app. This app is not just an app, instead you could call it as a hub of talent. This is a broadcasting app which would help you to send broadcasts. All you would need to set a cover picture, telling about your talent and broadcasts. This would invite people to follow you and with that you would be able to showcase your talent live.

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9Apps Coin Master

9AppsWant to play a new game? Want to have some adventure? Then be a coin master. We are here talking about the game Coin Master. This popular game is about looting and building a Viking empire. Here you can play with people around the world or can invite your own friends to the game. Coin master game allows you to try your luck when you spin. This spin can win you lots of coins or treasure in the game, or you could win shield to protect your empire. This game is available for free of cost.

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