9Apps Workout Trainer

9AppsAre you obsessed and want to be fit soon? If you are looking for such thing, then you need to follow the diet plan and exercise daily. But which workout plan should you use? What are the workout plan you need to follow and how to do it? These are the basic questions which can come into one’s mind and how to follow it is the concern we all have. So without wasting the time, let me come to the point and share an app with you which can guide you through out your weight loss journey very well and make you slim and healthy. The app is Workout Trainer where you will be given some daily workout videos to follow and all you have to do is to follow them without misguiding yourself or doing anything which does not burn your fat. You can use the app and make yourself a better person. Continue reading

9Apps ET Money

9AppsAre you interested in Mutual Funds? Want to invest your funds for future without being charged any extra commission? The solution of all this is ET Money. The app is an apt platform for all the investors. You can securely invest in the listed funds here and track your portfolios. The app is developed by Times of India Group and is thus a reliable app. The app lets you make SIP or the lump sum one-time investment in the funds you are interested in. The list of funds is categorized into various categories that help you in selecting the right fund you want to invest.

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9Apps Daily Yoga

9AppsDo you want to stay fit and look better? Of course, everyone wants to stay fit and look younger than their age. But for that, you need to mainly take care of your health. And you can achieve it by doing Yoga regularly. Yes, by doing yoga everyday, you can stay fit, fresh and your skin will also glow like anything. But can we do yoga poses by ourselves? Don’t we need any expert advice on it? Of course, we do. You can not learn yoga by yourself. For this, you need to learn it first and this is only possible under the guidance of some experts. So today, we are going to talk about the expert guidance which you can get through the app called Daily Yoga. The app is free of cost and will teach you daily 100 of yoga poses every day. You will be able to attend the classes everyday and do it at home. Indeed, it is a good app which will teach you yoga in free of cost and you just have to sit and relax and do nothing because all you have is a yoga teacher now so you have to follow it only. Continue reading

9Apps CTU Bus Guide

9AppsWe all like to travel long trips. And most of them prefer bus, train etc. Many of us travel via bus and enjoy the trip. Make the travel most beautiful and fun. If we miss our train or flight also we first give preference to bus. Now a days, online bookings are available. We can easily check the availability of the bus, availability of seats, timings and cost of travel. We can make bookings through various web sites and apps. Continue reading

9Apps FitBit

9AppsAre you a fitness freak like me? If you are, then you also need an app like mentioned here. Yes, we are talking about the fitness app called FitBit which will keep a count of your calorie no matter what. How? For this, you really need to workout and whenever you workout, keep your phone in your pocket so that it can remain safe and open the app. Once you open the app, you can close the screen and keep it in your pocket and keep walking or do your cardio. Whatever calorie you will burn and time you will take, it will keep a note of it and you can then easily know how much calorie are you burning or how much time you have worked out. It is really a good app if you use it nicely. Now talking about how to download the app, for this you must be thinking to visit your official play store app or somewhere else. But wait, since it is difficult to differentiate between the apps, we have brought you a good and new playstore app. Continue reading

9Apps Mindfulness

9AppsAre you stressed? Want some methods to calm your mind? You should definitely try the Mindfulness app to calm your mind then. In our busy life, often we get stressed and depressed because of unnecessary things. In such situation it is necessary to learn how we can control our mind and calm it. Meditation is a great way of doing that. Mindfulness app is a smartphone application which teaches you to meditate and calm your mind. This app guides you the professional meditation on your device. You would not have to go anywhere, as all meditation sessions you can get on your device.

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9Apps Cut Cut

9AppsFor making photos beautiful, we use different editing soft wares, especially, paint or Photoshop. Using this soft wares we usually edit, remove the background, change the color etc. For that we have familiar with the tools, methods and how to use that etc. Some of the people are not familiar with this software. So they face difficulty in that. Now a days many apps are available for editing the photos.

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9Apps Storage Saver

9AppsDo you worry about your storage before downloading any app in your device? Are you getting full internal storage in your phone on every second day? There is an app that can surely help you in making space in your phone. You would not have to worry, for this space you would not have to delete your favourite apps and games. The app about which we are talking here is Storage saver. This app is developed by Samsung technologies, Noida. The app is good in its work as it really helps you in creating extra space in smartphones.

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