9Apps Ice Crush

9AppsAddicted to Match games? Wanna try new game? Ice crush is a game which is made specially for those who love match games. The ice crush game lets you enjoy every level at its fullest. It has lots of surprises for you inside. At each level you would need to earn coins with which you can purchase in game items. Thus you would not have to spend any extra penny to purchase such items. This game is available for all type of platforms. You would not get any problem in getting this game installed in your device.

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9AppsMANGO is the app developed by the well known MANGO fashion brand. The app provides you all fashion clothes in one place. You can choose whatever you want to purchase and get delivered at your home. You would not need to visit store or rely on other sites to get MANGO brand clothes. If you want delivery without any wait you can find the nearby stores in the app. You would need to wishlist the clothes or items you want. At the stores you would be able to easily get them. The app has a simple interface and it is easy to use.

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9Apps Zee5

9AppsDo you like watching films at home? If you don’t get time to watch films at the theatre, you can simply download the app Zee5 and through this app, you can watch different films and watch new episodes and things easily. The app is really updated and you can expect to watch different films. If you want, you can use the app and watch the films for free of cost. But if you want to watch new films and exclusive episodes, you can use the premium version of the app which needs money but you can use it once you pay for it. The yearly and monthly subscriptions are available. You can choose any and pay for the one you like. If you download it, you can then watch different films and download it so that you can just open the app and watch it without needing the internet connection.  Continue reading

9Apps Rapido

9AppsDo you want to travel but you don’t want to pay the fare of the cabs and autos? Well, trust me when you are alone and you want to travel somewhere, giving the cab fares seems too much. But if you want to avoid that, you can simply download the app Rapido which is a bike app which will take you from your home and will drop you anywhere you want. But the bike is only for one person so if you have a family who is traveling with you, you should not go for it. But if you want to go anywhere alone and you are lacking the time and money, you can easily use this app and go to anywhere you want to in less amount and very quickly. You can download the app and travel anywhere you want to go easily through the app. Continue reading

9Apps ABOF

9AppsDo you like buying trendy clothes? If yes, you can try the app called ABOF which stands for all about fashion. The app gives you trendy clothes in huge discount with different brands. You can simply download the app and buy clothes for anyone you like including for yourself. If you are not sure with the size, you can measure yourself and tell the dimensions to the app and once you do that, they will create a dummy model for you where they will show the model wearing same dress so that you can judge how are you looking in that dress. You also have an option to buy the dress and return or exchange if you don’t like it. You can find many brands there and all of them are really cool and gives you great discounts. Continue reading

9Apps Zara

9AppsThere are so many apps available for shopping but if you are a fan of brands, you will never forget the brand Zara. It is the brand which most of the people like especially women and indeed, it is not at all very expensive. You can afford it if you are willing to purchase quality clothes and a good lifestyle. You can easily buy the clothes from the outlet but what if you don’t want to go out? Well then, you can download the app Zara where you can easily shop anything from home and also, you can buy the clothes for your boyfriend, dad or brother too. You can shop the clothing, footwear, accessories and much more. So yes, you can download the app Zara where you can buy anything and everything and you will also get the good discounts on it as well. So let us see how to download the app. Continue reading

9Apps Homescapes

9AppsAre you interested in designing home? What about playing a game where you would have to design the home. Get Homescapes app in your device. Help Austin to redesign his old mansion in the game by solving unlimited puzzles. The game is interesting and popular one. The game is about swapping and matching with which you would be able to design the rooms of the mansion. It will be your choice, what and how to design your home. If you love pets, the game has a fluffy and cute pet too.

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9Apps HnM

9AppsThere are many online shopping apps available where shopping is easy. But if someone is a brand freak, they only go for specific good name brands. Now if we are talking about the brands, we just can not finish without taking the name of Zara which is a big brand for sure. The brand has its official app which is available to download. You can download the app, make your profile, and start shopping. You can shop for clothing, for footwear, for lingerie and for accessories. Everything is available in the app in different sizes. Also, you can shop the bags and grab some good discount too if you are buying enough. Making the delivery free is also available if you shop more than the required limit. The app has all that it needs. Continue reading

9Apps Bajaj Finserv Wallet

9AppsWant to have a wallet from where you can pay all your bajaj emis and can use it like other regular wallets too? Get Bajaj Finserv wallet in your device and leave all your worries. The app let’s you view your bajaj finserv emi card on it and its limit can also be viewed easily. You can pay emi directly using this app. The app is developed in partner with Mobikwik. So the users of this app get special discounts on all of its services. The users can download this app for free of cost as it would not ask for any kind of subscription.

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9Apps PipaBella

9AppsThe wedding season has arrived and the wedding bells are ringing all around. In your news feed, your friends, family or maybe you are going to get married this year. And there are many preparations one has to do before getting married and the most important one is to select the jewelry. It is difficult to see from which website or app or store to buy jewelry from. And when you are running out of time, you must be worried about how to do the shopping. But the app called Pipabella is here to serve you the best. This is the app made for the jewelry lovers where one can surf, select and buy anything they want. The best part of their site is that you can also get it customized through the app for minimum charges. The app is quite reliable and affordable. One can easily download the app and easily buy any necklace or anything. You easily can download it. Continue reading