9Apps Infinity Loop

9AppsWant to get relief from your stress? Want some relaxing game? Need to challenge yourself?  Play infinity loop game in your device. The game is based on strategies. You would feel relaxed as the game is designed on the concept of human stress where you overcome your problems by connecting each loop and levelling up. The game is easy to play as no difficult steps are required to play. The user interface is made keeping the users in mind and hence kept simple and easy. The game is available for all type of devices i.e whatever the platform of your device would be, it can get downloaded in it easily.

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9Apps Mobdro

9AppsLooking to download films and watch it later when you are offline and free? If you are looking for the same,  then here is the app you can download called Mobdro. This app is all about watching films, series and other shows. If you want to watch sports channels or news channels too in order to do the live streaming, you can do that as well. The app is one of the best apps for android users to download. Anyone can use the app and it comes in two version whereas one is free and another one is paid. You can pay or use it for free of cost and that will be totally your choice. Apart from this, there are many other features too like you can also watch animal channels and cartoon in the app and it will work like your TV. Now if you want to download this app, then you can download it from the app store we are talking about. Continue reading

9Apps Firefox Lite

9AppsIs your browser too much memory on your device? Want to have a light weighted browser? Why don’t you use a small sized browser? Use Firefox Lite app in your device. The app is lighter version of the Firefox browser. Its size is 3.5 MB thus doesn’t take much space in your device. The browser provides you speedy browsing in your device which makes a smoother experience. Firefox lite browser has a simple and user friendly interface which makes it convenient to use on your device. The app is free of cost so no need to pay for the browser.

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9Apps 7Zip

9AppsWant a file compressing software for your phone and PC? 7ZIp is here to help you. The software is the popular for its amazing and fastest services. This makes it in the list of one of the best compressing software. The app is 2.5% faster than other compressing software. Even it is faster than WinZip. It automatically detects the incoming file and extracts it which makes your work easy. The app is not only available for PCs but it can be downloaded in your phone too. It supports all platforms. 7Zip app is free and no premium feature is available. So, you would not need to pay for it.

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9Apps WhatsApp Business

9AppsDo you own a Business? Want to communicate with your customers more comfortably? Get WhatsApp Business app. You might be thinking that you already have WhatsApp in your device. Here we are not talking about the regular WhatsApp app you use for personal use. You can now download WhatsApp Business app for business purpose. This will help you to use WhatsApp with your business number and you won’t have to use personal whatsApp anymore for this. The app allows you to make a business profile where you can enter your website name, business name etc. This would help users to know your Business better.

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9AppsGone are the days where we had to stand in the line for hours to book a train ticket. Now Indian Railways have made everything simple for you. It has launched its own app for users. IRCTC is the app we are talking about. The app is free and downloadable easily in any platform. So you can download the app the in your device too. The app is very useful if you are regular traveller. With the help of this app, booking train tickets have become too easy for all. You can easily book you your train tickets here by searching the train for your destination.

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9Apps MobiKwik

9AppsSince everything is getting digitalized now, people are more interested in doing their all money related transaction online only. And for that purpose, there are many apps launched too. However, there are not many apps which actually works. But since we want you to be safe and make your transaction safe, there is an app you can download called MobiKwik. The app is indeed a blessing for those who like making their transaction online and safe. All you need to do is to download the app and make your KYC done through any government proof. Once it is done, then you can simply make your transactions online. And if you make any payment through the wallet, you will also get some super cash in some of your transaction. However, it is not for all your transaction but you can earn according to the offer going on. You can convert it into the cash and transfer it to your bank account or do any payment or recharge through it. You can also transfer money to your relative’s account through this app for free of cost. Indeed, it is a super amazing app with some good features. Now for downloading it, you need to read below. Continue reading

9Apps Bubble Freedom

9AppsWant to play a game that you can enjoy offline in your device? Try Bubble Freedom. The game is available for offline. So, play whenever you want online or offline it doesn’t matters. The game is interesting as well as addictive. You can play this at your free time and earn as much points you can. The game is about bubble shooting game. Don’t you worry about getting bored as this is not the same bubble shooting game. Here you would get interesting levels and the increasing difficulty at each level of the game. Bubble Freedom game has many levels, so no chance of getting bored of this game.

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9Apps Omegle

9AppsAre you looking for chatting to someone without letting the person know your identity? If you are looking the same, then you really need to download the app called Omegle. The app is one of the best apps for chatting. You can chat with anyone you want to as the app is available throughout the world. People from different countries use the app but if you want to stay specific to any country or continent, you can make it according to it by using the filters given. The special thing about the app is that you can talk to anyone without letting the person know who you are because you will go to the anonymous mode then. For knowing the person more and better, you can also ask the secret questions which are limited to 2 questions per person. Here also, the person will not be able to know your name. If you want to do a webcam chat, you can do it but the condition is that you should be 18+ as the site does not entertain minors.  Continue reading

9Apps ShareChat

9AppsWant to make new friends? ShareChat is a great option for making new friends. It is a chatting app like WhatsApp but with difference. This app allows you to chat with friends, family and even strangers. The app hosts a lot of content on it. Which makes your chatting even more interesting. The app allows you to share WhatsApp jokes, memes, trolls etc. Users can use this app in multiple languages. It supports up to 14 languages. The app is available for free of cost. This means user would not have pay for chatting or downloading this app.

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