9Apps CaptainRupee

If you are someone who is stressed about your payments because you are out of money and you are not yet credited, then you really need to download one app we are talking about. Yes, the app we are discussing here is a money lending app which is different from other apps. You do not need to wait for so long and you can get the money within minutes via using the app. You are not required to pay a lot of interest as the app is quite affordable and takes nominal charges when it comes to interest. Anyone who is in a need of money can rely on this app totally.

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9Apps strava

Do you want to motivate yourself by seeing your progress of your fitness? Fitness is a must thing in our lives and one should not take it lightly. It is important and that’s how you must treat it. No matter what you do, you must be active and that does not take much time. You can be active with some sedentary activities such as brisk walk, cycling and etc. But how to know how much you have rode today? Or how many steps have you walked today? Well, for all these questions, you can download an app called strava. This app is an amazing app which will count and track all your physical activities with accuracy. You can simply download the app once and after that, you can be as active as you want to be and track it all. Continue reading

9Apps Cash Guru

9AppsAre you in a need of some urgent cash but you don’t have it now? Well, if that is the case, then you need to download this app called Cash Guru now. Yes, downloading this app will give you many benefits but do not consider it as a free money. You need to repay the same as it is kind of a loan. You can get it by submitting your documents to it and once you do it, you can simply get the money straight in your account. After getting the same, you can pay your bills and once it is done, you can simply return the money. They will be giving you the time frame of the same when you are required to pay back the money. You can pay the money back to the account and it is simple.

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9Apps Ocash

9AppsDo you need some quick money but you don’t have any? Well, for getting some quick money, you need to download one app and if your luck is with you, you will get the money instantly in your account. Yes, you can do that within minutes. But wait, the money is not for free. You are required to return the money as well. Yes, if you have taken the amount, you need to return the same. But for that, you need to first make sure the interest rate and the time period given. Once done, you can take the money and return it easily. The app is an android app and can be downloaded within a click. You can simply use the app from a click and download it. The app is pretty easy and useful for everyone.

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9Apps Step Tracker

Do you want to keep your fitness on priority? If yes, then you need to download this app called Step Tracker. Walking is the best activity one can do without any issues. You can take some steps and burn some extra fat. But to do that, you must know how many steps you are walking. Most of the time people think that they have done a lot but don’t and hence, they are not able to lose weight easily. But if you want to lose good amount of fat, then it is required to have a step tracker app to track your fitness. This app called Step Tracker will be used as a tracker that can track your steps and will tell you the information correctly.


For downloading this app called Step Tracker in your device, you are required to download 9Apps which is an app store and by downloading it, you will be able to keep a good count of your steps. This app store app is a great app for everyone who wants to download the apps of their choice. Now let us talk about how to download it.


How to download Step Tracker from 9Apps?

To download Step Tracker app, you need to click on the link shared below and simply download the APK file of the same. Now by following the steps required, install the app 9Apps in your device and search for the app you want to download and install the same.


9Apps Charted Bike

Do you want to make your leisure time a good time? If you have some extra time in your schedule, you can make it worth by using it for your health, your fitness. No matter how healthy you are, you must keep doing work for your fitness. Today, the app we are talking about called Charted Bike is an app where you can rent the cycles and you can simply use it for your health. The app is not even a difficult app to use as you are required to fill it and rent a cycle from the app itself and use the same for cycling. It is an easy to use app that you can use for your health. Indeed, the app is very good and easy to use.

The prices are also very affordable and hence, you do not need to pay a lot of amount to the app. If you want to download this app, then you can simply download the app called 9Apps. It is an app store app which is used for downloading and using the premium apps for free of cost. You can download any app you want and use the app easily for free. Continue reading


9Apps Instagram reel downloader

Instagram is a good place where you can find many pictures and videos of people. Recently this year, it has launched the feature called REEL. Yes, now you can make a reel of yours and upload it into your Instagram account. It is easy, convenient and fun to do that. Reels are basically the trailer which will last for 15 seconds and you can create your own with any song or voice you want to. It is about sharing your talent by using your platform on your profile with others. It is indeed a great app to use. But do you know that you can not download those reels in your device? Yes, if you want to download reels in your device, then you can not do that at all. The app does not allow you doing that. Continue reading

9Apps Discovery Plus

Do you like learning new things and watching good content? The app is Discovery plus and this app will make you watch the content of your choice in your device itself. It is an easy to use app and you can download it without any issue. The app Discovery plus will show you the knowledgable content in free of cost and for doing that, you need to click and scroll down. Continue reading

9Apps JioMart

Are you a Jio user? If you are a Jio user who is waiting to get the Jio apps in your device but you are also not aware of all the apps you should download, then here is the app you should download first. It is JioMart official and through this app, you will be able to download all the apps you want to download without paying for the same. The app has a quick access of all those apps and you can download them all with it. The perk of using this app is that you will be able to differentiate between the services the app offers and download them all. Continue reading