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9AppsThe VideoShow app is an app that focuses primarily on editing and creating video content and has its takers in many countries of the world. Used by over 200 million people, the VideoShow app can be used by amateur directors and beginners to edit their videos and export them in HD quality. The app comes with several licensed music clips to assist users in their quest for adding some background music to their videos in order to make it more attractive. The app supports 50+ themes and over 30 filters and a range of texts and various fonts to create subtitles to accompany the video, thus, lending an aesthetic feel to the video. The VideoShow app has not only found its base among amateur film makers but also among professional video editors who use the app to trim, cut, split, duplicate or blur parts of the video with the fast and slow motion feature, allowing them to focus and adjust the speed of the video. VideoShow’s popular features of video dubbing that allows users to use a recording of their voice in a pre-existing video clip and video doodling that allows users to doodle the text on the video clip makes it popular among young users as a fun and creative video editing app. The app is available for
download through the 9apps website.

How to download VideoShow App from 9Apps?

VideoShow is available for users of both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the respective links present in the 9apps website.

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