9Apps YONO by SBI

9AppsRecently when the digitalization happened to our country, people started using apps for making the payments online instead of using the cash. It is indeed a good way to make the country cashless. However, there are several apps which charges a high amount for making a transaction which might not value your money enough. Also, there is a chance of fraudulent activity also if we trust unknown apps. But after such things happened, the SBI launched its authorized app called  YONO by SBI. The app is nothing but an app for making your online payments easy. Here, you just need to download the app and log in to your SBI account internet banking. Once you make it successfully, you can make the payments online without being late. You just need to give one click and the payment will be done. Talking about how safe it is, you can be assured as the app is from SBI and hence, it is totally safe and secured. You can make IMPS, NEFT and other transaction payments online. You just need to have an SBI account for that and you can make the transactions safe. You can download the app from the app called 9Apps. But for this, you first have to download 9Apps if you didn’t download it yet.

How to download YONO by SBI from 9Apps?

Download 9Apps and search for the app on 9Apps and when you get it, install it simply. It is an easy and quick step one can follow to download it.

Download 9Apps

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