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9AppsDo you have a kid in your home who is a toddler and whom you want to distract by any game? well, if you do, you need an app through which you can ask let them play. Today we are going to talk about one such app only, called Talking Angela. This app is nothing but the sequel of My talking tom which introduced few years back and people loved the app. It is basically an app where the cat will behave like a kid and you have to take care of her properly. Angela is the female version of the same cat and it is also now the famous app nowadays. Not just kids but elders also use the app as they find it funny to use it. The app has a cat voice which talks in our language and that makes it more fun. Forgetting the food to the cat, you need to play some games and earn enough points to purchase the food. You will see many different types of games available. The app is indeed the best app for fun and playing.But from where can you download the app? You basically can download it from the online store called 9Apps. Here you will find such apps to download that too for free. You just need to download the app first.

How to download My Talking Angela from 9Apps?

Click here to download the app.

Download 9Apps.

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