9Apps Wood Block

9AppsNowadays, most of us are interested in online and offline games. Through online gaming, one gets touch with friends online and play and compete with each other. We can get number of fun making games from various sites.

One of the popular game is Wood Block Game. It can be downloaded from 9Apps. The game has excellent graphics. It has different types of gaming apps named wood block – music box, wood block puzzle, wood block – wood legend etc. Rules for playing this game is, first place a piece into the box. Once we fill both horizontal and vertical boxes,it will free up the space for new ones. The game will over when all boxes get filled up. If you complete multiple lines at once, then you will get more points. This game is one of the fun making gaming app. Also, it can easy to access and play well. It’s an android supported app, can play with our android mobile phone or tablet. It features like beautiful wooden ox style, funny and colorful graphics. It is a free game app. Also, it has the classic brick game for all ages.

How to download Wood Block using 9Apps?

  • To download Wood Block, users would need to download 9Apps from the given link.
  • From it, 9Apps can be downloaded and install in your android device.
  • By opening the app you can search for the game ‘wood block game ‘.
  • Click on the download button and choose the preferred location for downloading the game file.
  • Install the game using the downloaded game file.
  • And play according to your wish.

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