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9AppsAre you bored with the normal texting and other apps where you can text each other? If you are, then you can use the app called WhatsApp. Yes, in most of the countries, this app is not a new app at all. People know it well. But if you don’t know about the app, then you can use this information to know about the app. It is free of cost app where you can talk to the people who are in the app. You just need to save their number and see if they are using this app. You can text them whenever you want to without even thinking that you are going to be charged for it because it is free of cost app. You just need the internet to use the app. In WhatsApp, you can talk to people, you can send each other different files, audio clips, video and many more. It is safe and free of cost. All your talks will be safe in the app. You can make the groups and do the broadcast group messaging too. For downloading this app, you need to download an app first which is 9Apps. If you think it is not safe to use 9Apps, then let me tell you that it is the safest app for downloading other apps for free of cost. You just need to download this store first and for this, we are providing the link to you. You just need to click and download it so that you can download the apps you want to use in the future.

How to download WhatsApp from 9Apps?

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