9Apps Google Hangouts

9AppsGoogle has gave a lot of useful products and one of them is Google hangouts. This app is one of the best app for chatting and is secure as well. You can chat anytime with your friends or relatives. You won’t have to sign up separately for this app, your Google account is sufficient to login. Just login and use the app to stay connected to your friends and family. This app would not ask for any kind of payment as it is free app. You can group chat using this app as well. It allows you to add up to 150 people to the chat.

Google Hangouts is a great app for those who have friends outside the country as it supports international calling and doesn’t charge for making international calls. You will just would need to pay for data charges. This app also have option for group calls, so just add 10 people to your call and enjoy gossiping with friends. ┬áThis app is available for all type of devices irrespective of their platforms. You can download the app from 9Apps app store which is a secuo and reliable app. This app store can be downloaded using the below given procedure.

How to download Google Hangouts using 9Apps?

You can download Google Hangouts using 9Apps. But for that download 9Apps in your device first. Open the app after this and search for Google Hangouts in the search box. Tap on the result and install the app in your device.

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