9Apps Wallet of Satoshi

9AppsIf you want to keep your lightning network btc safe then you should get the Wallet of satoshi Wallet now for your device. This app supports lightning btc and original blockchain btc. You can exchange them in this Wallet itself. This app would allow you to easily deposit and withdraw btc. You can deposit or Withdraw them in any of the versions of btc, it could be the lightning version or the original one. You will just need to pay a little fee to Withdraw it from your wallet.

Wallet of satoshi lets you create the invoice of the btc amount you want to recieve through the lightning network. You can simply put the amount you want to recieve from a particular person and it will generate a link which you can copy and provide to that person. You can download the 9Apps application from the 9Apps store easily. This store would let you download millions of the applications in just one go. This is a reliable app store where every kind of app is available for download. You can simply get the 9Apps to get any app in your device. 9Apps has a simple and easy interface.

How to download Wallet of Satoshi using 9Apps?

Download 9Apps in your device and open it. Search for the wallet of satoshi and get the app downloaded by clicking on the install button.

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