9Apps Tap30

9AppsTap30 Line is an application that will help you to connect with the drivers through your mobile. Wherever you want to go, you can easily request a taxi using this app. There is no specific time when app would let you book taxi as the drivers would be available 24/7. So whenever you want taxi, it will be just a tap away. The Taxi app is easily available for the android platform. So you can download it in any device supporting the platform. The application has a simple and too easy interface that makes it quite convenient to use on your device.

It has two services, one is regular taxi service and other one is ride sharing car. You can choose any one of them as per your requirements. It also gives you an option to rate the ride and driver where you can report the behaviour of the driver too. The app has both types of payment option available, one is credit and other one is cash option. The application lets you choose the location on the map. If you want this app you can download it securely from the 9Apps which is an app store. This app store is reliable and you can download any android app from it in your device.

How to download Tap30 using 9Apps?

To download the app in your device download 9Apps from the link. open it and search for Tap30. You will get it in result, tap on install.

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