9Apps Roll the Ball

9AppsGame is usually for the enjoyment of the people, especially for both children and elders. It provides recreation to all. Also, it enhance the children to Various activities. It’s an art of doing something which makes entertainment to all. Nowadays, we can play online and offline games with our friends and families through PCs or mobile phones. For every platform supporting apps are also available. Also, different types of games are available to play from the app.

One of the funniest game app is ‘Roll the ball game ‘which can be downloaded from 9Apps. The app is developed by BitMango on 2015. It is a free app. It creates a lot of fun to the children. It’s like a slide puzzle having number of levels. Bonus points and hints are available to players to score more in the game. Another feature is it has no time limit and no penalties. This game’s aim is to get three star rating by rolling the ball to finishing line through the path. This is game app available in both mobile phones and tablets.

How to download Roll the Ball using 9Apps?

To download 9Apps click on the given link. After that install the downloaded app on your device. Then search ‘Roll the ball game ‘ from this app. We can see free version to download and download it to preferred location in your
device. By following instructions install it and play accordingly. We can also purchase ad free version of this gaming app.

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