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9AppsDo you have an Amazon account? Nowadays shopping online is very common and if you are an online shopping freak, you must be knowing the app called Amazon which is said to be one of the largest online shopping hubs for sure. Are you the one who use the app? If you do, you must be knowing that there is the feature called Amazon Prime which is strictly made for those users who purchases the membership which can be purchased according to the time and once you buy it, you are eligible for the free deliveries, more offers and loads of entertainment. By the term entertainment, what I meant is that you must be knowing that you all get the account where you can watch films and shows and series for free of cost. You just need to download it once. Now talking about it, there is an app called Amazon Music where you can log in from your prime account and listen to the music and make up your own list for free of cost. Yes, this all can be done easily. Now to download this app first, you need to download the app store 9Apps which can make you download many apps along with this app. You just need to click on the given link and download it.

How to download Amazon Music from 9Apps?

Now to download it, you need to make sure to download 9Apps and then search for the app and install it. But first click on-

Download 9Apps

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