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9AppsMicrosoft Word is the app everyone goes to when they want to write something, as a writer i know that i want peace when i am writing about something so i can be as precise and educate the one reading the article about the whole thing but that is not possible when i am continuously disturbed, Microsoft Word is the best thing in that as it lets you write in peace without showing any Ads or anything in that matter, it also has amazing features like to start with the basics it has auto correction which never lets spell any word incorrectly, it has reorganised outline view which can be expanded or set as your needs, you can use Word as a Quick brainstorming tool or even convert tables to graphs, it also holds 24 items in the clipboard and translates anything on the go, it has the benefit of mail merge which allows you to save documents directly on your mail so you never lose any document ever again and you can also insert watermarks more.

Yu must have hear about 9Apps by now and if not now you will know how awesome this third party app store is, 9Apps is an app store designed only of Android devices, this app store is less than 1 MB in size and it has all the apps you could ever want, all the apps from Google Play Store are available on 9Apps and not only this but it has more, and everything is free to download, even those premium games and apps are free as well, it basically saves your time and energy of finding the app or game for free. You can download Microsoft Word from 9Apps.

Download Microsoft Word via 9Apps

  • Download 9Apps from Chrome or any other browser.
  • Run 9Apps and search for ‘Microsoft Word’ and download the first suggestion.
  • Wait for Microsoft Word to download.
  • Now you can use all the features of Microsoft Word on your Android device.

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