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9AppsDo you want to upload a new display picture on your Instagram? Instagram is a social media app that you can use for uploading your pictures and you can share it with the site so that other people will like it. The app is one of the best app ever. But to upload a picture, you have to make it fit on the instagram so that people can view the whole picture of yours without cropping it. So, here we have an app through which you can make your picture instagram fit without any effort. To download the app, you have to go through the link here.

So the app we are talking about is Instasquare and this app will also edit pictures and can fix it in any frame. If you are interested in downloading the app, then you have to download an app store app called 9Apps. If you think why to download it as you already have one app store, then you need to download this because it has many such apps which might not be available in your pre installed app store. To download it, you have to download 9Apps first. Now let us read more about it.

How to download Instasquare from 9Apps?

For downloading the app, you have to click here so that you can download 9Apps first. Once you download 9Apps, you will be able to install any app including the app we are talking here Instasquare. Please click here to install the app.

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