9Apps Instant Email Address

9AppsWant to keep your emails safe from spams? Get Instant Email Address app in your device and you would never have to share your email id in any of the untrusted website or platform. Use the disposable email address which you can create in this app and use it wherever you want. You can use this app to verify lot of accounts whether you want to create fake social media accounts or numerous shopping site accounts to get more discount, this app will be really useful for you. The application is easy to use and understand which is all because of the simple interface it has.

The Instant Email Address app helps you to create disposable emails instantly. You can choose your email address at your own or can get random email id from the app. You can make unlimited email addresses at the same time and use them simultaneously. You can share, forward or reply the messages in this app. Also you can create new messages here. The application allows you to receive and send attachments too. The app supports all formats of emails you recieve. This app can be downloaded from 9Apps store.

How to download Instant Email Address from 9Apps?

To get this app, first you would need to download 9Apps. Now, open the app and go to the search bar it has. Type Instant Email address and search. It will show you the app, click on it and download.

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