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9AppsAre you looking to earn some extra amount online so that you can at least use the money as your pocket money? It can be an easy task if you do it wisely. How? By just using an app called Freelancer. Thinking what does the app do? It is a simple app where you can do a lot of jobs online which will pay you per hour or by the whole task. It can depend on the nature of the work and the conditions of the client. Here, you need to make your account which you can make it for free and add all your interest and qualification here so that people can see it and hire you. You need to bid on the jobs you see in order to get the best job. You can apply for the job and if you are out of the bids, then you can buy it for some money too. If you want, you can give some tests through which you will get the batch which will attract the clients. There are so many job rules always available and people keep posting it every minute. So anyone can get a job here. For downloading freelancer app, you have to download 9Apps which is an online app store which can make you download all the other apps. Now let us see the download procedure.

How to download Freelancer from 9Apps?

Click on the given link and download the app and search for Freelancer and download it.

Download 9Apps

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