9Apps Mobdro

9AppsLooking to download films and watch it later when you are offline and free? If you are looking for the same,  then here is the app you can download called Mobdro. This app is all about watching films, series and other shows. If you want to watch sports channels or news channels too in order to do the live streaming, you can do that as well. The app is one of the best apps for android users to download. Anyone can use the app and it comes in two version whereas one is free and another one is paid. You can pay or use it for free of cost and that will be totally your choice. Apart from this, there are many other features too like you can also watch animal channels and cartoon in the app and it will work like your TV. Now if you want to download this app, then you can download it from the app store we are talking about. Continue reading

9Apps ShowBox

9AppsAre you a crazy fan of watching films? If you are the one who likes watching films every day or maybe every week just after the movie is launched in the theatres, then you need to download this app too. No, there is no online streaming app we are talking about. Today we are talking about the app which is free of cost and which can tell you the genuine review of any film you want to watch. The app will be free of cost and you can read the honest reviews here. In most cases, the reviews you see are either biased or not in detailed so you can not trust them. But in this app, the reviews are really honest and unbiased. You can rely on the app here. Be it any film, latest or old, Bollywood or Hollywood, you can watch the trailer of every film and also you can read the review of every film. It is really free of cost and you can trust them.  Continue reading

9Apps My Airtel-Recharge

9AppsNowadays when everything is being digitalized, we hardly take a step out of the house for doing things like shopping, recharge, buying food and etc. And yes, after getting so many apps through which we can make recharge at home, we don’t visit shops to get our phone’s recharge done. We instead make it through using the apps and today we are going to discuss one such app called My Airtel Recharge. This is the app for the Airtel sim users. All the Airtel users can use the app for making their recharges done online. Not only that, but you can track your postpaid plan, prepaid plan, and broadband connection if any. You can track anything through the app. You can also see the new plans and according to that, you can make your recharge done. If you want, you can choose the recharge plan from the plan list you will see. The best thing is that there will be many offers you can see and many cashback offers will be available. You can choose the recharge and apply the offer and make the recharge. The app is indeed one of the best apps for sure.  Continue reading