9Apps LocalBanya

9AppsAre you the one who is working and doesn’t have time at all for doing anything? In that case, you know the real pain of going to the super market in order to buy the groceries every month. It is such a tiring job at all. But if you don’t go there and buy from a nearby retailer, you will end up losing the discounts and deals. But what if you don’t have to go out and you also will not lose any deal too? How? Well, for this, you need to simply download the app LocalBanya. This is the online grocery shopping app which will let you order your monthly grocery every month without visiting the market. Also, since you are buying from home, it also doesn’t mean that you won’t get the discounts and deals. You will get the discounts and deals for sure because the app will give you some good deals to buy.

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9Apps Nykaa

9AppsIf you want to use makeup products, then using the app Nykaa is very useful as not only you will get different products but also the discount. Yes, since the app is available in your smartphone, you can easily avail some good amount of discount without doing much. All you need is to install the app and use the makeup products you like which will be available in good range and discount at your home. You just have to download the app. Continue reading

9Apps PayPal

9AppsIf you are a freelancer, you know the struggle when you are required to take payment from abroad and you don’t know how to do it. Most of such cases happen with Freelancers only. However, the new businesses also need to take the payment and for that, they need an app or a payment gateway through which they can accept the payments. Such one app is with us called PayPal which is the most reliable app for taking and sending payments. You can use the app and make your payments easy. You can simply use the app and in a click, you can send payments to anyone and take the payment too. This app is indeed the best app for taking payments as you can also make payments on different apps through this app.  Continue reading

9Apps Rapido

9AppsDo you want to travel but you don’t want to pay the fare of the cabs and autos? Well, trust me when you are alone and you want to travel somewhere, giving the cab fares seems too much. But if you want to avoid that, you can simply download the app Rapido which is a bike app which will take you from your home and will drop you anywhere you want. But the bike is only for one person so if you have a family who is traveling with you, you should not go for it. But if you want to go anywhere alone and you are lacking the time and money, you can easily use this app and go to anywhere you want to in less amount and very quickly. You can download the app and travel anywhere you want to go easily through the app. Continue reading

9Apps Beauty Plus

9AppsClicking pictures are so common nowadays. Everyone likes clicking pictures and they of course post it on their social media profiles as well. It is indeed an easy and affordable work to do. But sometimes real pictures are not really satisfactory and that is why we prefer editing it before uploading it on social media. But you do have an option of editing it as it is easy and free of cost. However, in some of the apps, you do not have the free version and hence you end up wasting a lot of money. But in the app we are showing you, Beauty Plus, it is free of cost and can be used for free. You can try different filters and use the app without paying for it. You just need to download it and once you are done downloading the app, you can use it anytime and for editing any picture. Continue reading

9Apps Hill Climb Racing

9AppsAre you looking for a game which you can play on your device without any hassle or giving payment to the app? Hill Climb Racing is the one game you can play on your device for free of cost. It is a game app which is indeed fun playing and worth using as well. Here, you will be given a car to drive and you have to drive the car as long as you want to and climb the hills. There will be many hurdles between the way which you have to cross successfully without falling down. If you fall down, you will lose one life which can be in use in difficult levels. You will be given some points to catch also which you need to grab and once you do it, you can then upgrade your car by using such tools which costs the coins or either you can unlock more vehicles which can be used for further journey. The app is easy and simple. You just have to play the game and enjoy. The game can be played offline as well. You do not need to be online for playing the game. however, for downloading the game, you need to be online. Continue reading

9Apps ShowBox

9AppsAre you a crazy fan of watching films? If you are the one who likes watching films every day or maybe every week just after the movie is launched in the theatres, then you need to download this app too. No, there is no online streaming app we are talking about. Today we are talking about the app which is free of cost and which can tell you the genuine review of any film you want to watch. The app will be free of cost and you can read the honest reviews here. In most cases, the reviews you see are either biased or not in detailed so you can not trust them. But in this app, the reviews are really honest and unbiased. You can rely on the app here. Be it any film, latest or old, Bollywood or Hollywood, you can watch the trailer of every film and also you can read the review of every film. It is really free of cost and you can trust them.  Continue reading

9Apps My Airtel-Recharge

9AppsNowadays when everything is being digitalized, we hardly take a step out of the house for doing things like shopping, recharge, buying food and etc. And yes, after getting so many apps through which we can make recharge at home, we don’t visit shops to get our phone’s recharge done. We instead make it through using the apps and today we are going to discuss one such app called My Airtel Recharge. This is the app for the Airtel sim users. All the Airtel users can use the app for making their recharges done online. Not only that, but you can track your postpaid plan, prepaid plan, and broadband connection if any. You can track anything through the app. You can also see the new plans and according to that, you can make your recharge done. If you want, you can choose the recharge plan from the plan list you will see. The best thing is that there will be many offers you can see and many cashback offers will be available. You can choose the recharge and apply the offer and make the recharge. The app is indeed one of the best apps for sure.  Continue reading