9Apps Sweet Selfie

9AppsWe know that nowadays people are fond of ‘selfie ‘photos. It is a type of self portrait photos taken by camera or mobile phone. Most of them have the hobby of taking selfies and post it on the social medias like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Selfies are often taken with our friends and families on any marriage function, any campaigns or from any visiting places. And also the selfies are classified into individual selfie, that is, self photos and group selfie, that is, taking photo with our friends and families. Also selfie sticks are available to hold this camera or mobile phones. Continue reading

9Apps WordPress

9AppsAre you a blogger? If you are, then you need to read this article until the last because this article is worth reading and is something that you need for sure. We are talking about the app called WordPress which will make you post on the dashboard on your site. You can easily manage your site through the app. All you need to do is to download the app and then use this app so you can easily manage your site, post on your site and use it easily. Indeed, it is a great app to use because you will be able to use it easily. But before that, you need to do something else. What? For knowing, click on continue reading. Continue reading

9Apps B612

9AppsWe know that photos give us unusual memories. In olden days, the people keep one album for that and photos are stick on it and keep safely. That may be marriage photo, children’s photo, family photo self-photos and videos. On those days, usually, these photos are taken by ordinary cameras. After the digitalization, the photos and videos are taken by digital camera or mobile phone. And these are kept on mobile itself.

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9Apps Fincart

9AppsWhen we are thinking about financial support, we come to know that there are so many financial services providing companies. That companies include banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment companies etc. These financial companies provide various financial services like mutual funds, investments, money lending, insurance etc. For that, a lot of government and private oriented financial companies are operating in India. They issuing various services to their customers according to their needs.

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9Apps StarM

9AppsAre you someone who is interested in exploring funny videos? Or enjoy reading about Bollywood gossips? Then you must try StarM app in your device to get all of these straight into your device. The app is created by a music community and has more than 50 million users. The application provides you funny and viral videos which you can watch and share with your friends. It also has shayaris and jokes on it. So if you are a shayari fan, you would find this app really very interesting. The app is available for all platforms and hence can be downloaded in all type of devices easily.

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9Apps O2 Cam

9AppsAs we know that, the influence of digital media in our world made changes in the social and economical phenomena. And all interested to take pictures by using still camera, digital camera, mobile camera etc. In olden days the photos are taken by using the still camera. By the development of technology, it’s got a new form like digital one like digital cameras, camera available on this mobile phone. This gets help one to carry it easily to anywhere anytime. Picture quality also get improved. By this way it made recreational activity for both children and elders. Taking family photos, friends photos, plants – animals photos, selfies etc and post it on the social media. It’s made a hobby to everyone. Now a days most advanced form is available on on our mobile phones, that is Cam Apps. These apps are available to download from various sites and store apps like play store etc.

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9Apps Hay Day

9AppsNowadays, people are fond of online and offline games by the advancement of the digital systems. Through online gaming one gets touch with friends online and also get an opportunity to compete with other people who may not be known. Digital games are products which are commercially developed and distributed by media companies that sometimes use the characters from movies, comics and books.

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9Apps Happn

9AppsAre you feeling bored these days? If yes, why not to try some good dating app where you can meet people and talk to them and if things go well, you can get a date too. Yes, for sure. If you are searching for such app, then you need to download the app called Happn which is an online dating and chatting app which can make you find a match for you. It is an app which can find people nearby. Yes, suppose if you are going somewhere and you have downloaded the app and your data is on then you will get the notification of someone who has the same app downloaded and passed through easily. Yes, this is how the app works. Continue reading

9Apps Future Pay

9AppsLove shopping? Are you a regular shopper of FBB, Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory etc? Then this app is surely for you. Future Pay is a digital wallet which can be used in these stores for paying cash. You can visit cashless, as you won’t be actually. Future Pay wallet would have the cash that you can pay on stores using the wallet itself. This way you would not have to keep the cash for your shoppings. All your favourite brand stores would accept the Future Pay digital wallet payment. The wallet can be downloaded free of cost in your device.

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