9Apps Eyecon

9AppsEyecon app is the app with which you can check the identity of the unknown caller in your phone. This application lets you check the name who is calling you. It is a free app that you cam use without paying anything. You can download the app in any device you have as it supports all platforms. The application syncs your social media accounts and contacts with it so that whenever someone calls you, it can show you the name of caller instead of its number. The user interface is easy and intuitive of this app.

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9Apps Duolingo

9AppsWant to learn new languages? Duolingo is the app that you would need if your answer is yes. The Duolingo app is for those who want to learn languages. This app focuses on those who cannot afford classes for languages and thus provide them a free platform to learn the language they want to. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English are the languages which are available in this app for learning. Users can pick any language in which they are interested in and start learning for free of cost.

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9Apps Phoenix Browser

9AppsLooking for a Browser for your android phone? Get the Phoenix browser application in your device and unlock amazing features of this browser. This application is available only for the android applications that means you would not be able to enjoy them in your device if it is based on some other platform. The application is available for free of cost which doesn’t charge you for any of its services. It is easy to use as the interface of the application is quite easy to handle and understand. The application would not create any kind of difficulty when using it.

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9Apps CCleaner

9AppsCCleaner is an application with which you can clean your device from unwanted files. This application is a must-have application if your device is running slow. This application will boost the performance of your device by cleaning it. Another name of the app is Cache Cleaner. The application is available for all type of platforms, thus can be downloaded in any platform and used to clean it. The app is downloadable and usable upto a limit for free of cost. This is because it has other two premium versions for the users which are Professional and Professional Plus.

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9Apps IDB Go

9AppsIn this modern era, when we want to purchase anything and lacking funds, then we can use the companies which provide us the loan which we can use for buying the electronics. And in return, you are required to pay them in easy installments every month. But what if you don’t have funds or want to schedule the payment in advance or end the loan by paying all amount together? Do you have to go to the bank all the time? Well, no. you can easily use the app IDB GO through which you can easily pay your loans without going out. All you need is to download this app and use the app in paying the loans together. It is easy and also safe. Also, using the app is not difficult as it is not at all a tough app. You can easily use the app and log in with your number. Now let us see how does the app work.

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9Apps Voice Search

9AppsWhenever we have to search anything on Google, we use the method of typing after which we search things. It is difficult to type everytime but. So in order to keep the work easy and make it simple for you, you can also use the Voice Search app. Yes, this is the app which can let you search whatever you want to type. Instead of typing, here you only need to search and your words will be searched easily. It is very helpful when it comes to searching because you don’t have to search a lot by typing and whenever you want, you can easily speak and google will write it. Indeed, it is one of the easiest app ever. And if you want to download this app, we can download it too. So let us see how to download the app. Continue reading

9Apps IMDb

9AppsIMDb is an app that lets you check the ratings of the movies and shows you want to watch. The application is available for free of cost so you would not have to worry about the money to be spent on it. The app allows you to watch latest trailers of the movies and shows on it. You can also watch behind the scene videos on this app and clips of the movies. The app is available for all type of devices so you can download it in any device you have.

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9Apps UC Mini

9AppsUC Mini is a browser app from UC Browser. It is a lighter version of the UC browser. the application is suitable to devices which doesn’t have much internal memory and uses 2G or 3G internet. The application is best for the one who likes watching videos or fan of Tik Tok. This app is much like Tik Tok and has videos like that which you can watch in it. The application allows you to check your facebook feed in it and also you would be able to download Facebook videos using this application.

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9Apps Tasty

9AppsLove cooking? Get tasty food regularly in your cooking menu. Eat and invite your friends on dinner. Tasty app would help you in cooking the most interesting dishes. The application is developed by Buzzfeed. It is an app where you can millions of tasty recipes to cook in your daily menu. You would get updated regularly with the new recipes. The application has videos which would help you to watch and learn new recipes. You can get this app in any device you have as it supports all type of devices.

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9Apps Nykaa

9AppsIf you want to use makeup products, then using the app Nykaa is very useful as not only you will get different products but also the discount. Yes, since the app is available in your smartphone, you can easily avail some good amount of discount without doing much. All you need is to install the app and use the makeup products you like which will be available in good range and discount at your home. You just have to download the app. Continue reading