9Apps MX Player

9AppsWe all want entertainment, but for that it is necessary to have a good media player on which we can play media smoothly. MX Player is such a media player which lets you play your media smoothly without any problem. The media player is known for its amazing support to almost all type of media files formats. So if you are worrying about any particular format, don’t worry it will play it too. MX Player is a free app which can be downloaded and used free of cost. You would not have to spend a single penny for getting this media player.

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9Apps Caratlane

9AppsThere are so many apps available for online shopping but not all the app has diamonds in it. You really can not trust any simple app for buying such expensive diamonds or gold. For such shopping, there are some different apps available which can be used easily. One app which one can trust is really important. The app we are sharing is called Caratlane which is one of the best apps for shopping the diamonds. The app is trustworthy and anyone can use the app if they want to buy things. It is easy and can be used anywhere. You can trust the app and shop the diamonds in an affordable range with 100% guarantee. Now let us see how can we download the app. Continue reading

9Apps Money Control

9AppsAre you an investor? Or planning to invest in stock market? Whatever your position is right now, you definitely need to get updated about the market regularly in both of these cases. The money control app is the one you can use to get regular feeds about the market. All ups and downs will be easy to check here on this app. The money control app is Asia’s number 1 app. This app gives you all news regarding rhe market including merger, take overs etc. The app is available in two different versions free and a paid one.

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9Apps AnyBook

9AppsMake your smart phone your library in hand, soo library in your pocket,use it anywhere and everywhere . Experience the smooth paper less reading by customizing to your choice and wish.Enjoy your reading with the widest range of books of various genres. Bookmark, resume, zoom in, zoom out for clear vision, collect your favourite books to relish continuous reading. Make your specials book available offline for repeated reading. It gives you comfortable night mode reading as well. Manage your time by listening to audio of your book collection on multilingual option which is the coolest. Interface with your known language and Explore the best kids published. Enjoy shelf less, paperless, reduce your hustle and bustle free reading when anybook is here. Travel time, Business time or simply to your mood Anybook there with million books. Find out the unknown words and enhance your vocabulary with the dictionary inbuilt.

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9Apps Pepperfry

9AppsAre you looking forward to buy furniture online? Buying furniture online is a difficult task because  you need to see if the app is verified and sells really good stuffs or not because you don’t want to get spammed. So if yes, then you can simply download the app called Pepperfry. This app is one of the best app for buying the furniture online as here are so many good furnitures available and all of them are tested. You will not get spammed at all. The app is real and will serve you the goods at your door with good discount. You will be able to see the furniture, home appliances, show piece, crockery and many more things in the app which will be available in good discounts. If you download the app, you will be getting the discounts. Continue reading

9Apps Chain Reaction

9AppsIn this world, everyone has a busy life and everyone keeps looking after having a nice break from the tiresome routine. The internet offers a great variety of entertainment options which include movies, videos, gaming etc. Gaming is one of the most preferred form of entertainment by the internet users. Browsing through the internet we can find millions of games that have the capability to amuse our minds. Games have certain subcategories from which we can select such as strategy, racing, arcade etc.

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9Apps Norton Mobile

9AppsWe all keep a smartphone because technology has increased these days. With a smartphone, you can keep your data safe along with you every time and use it whenever you want to. Be it your contact numbers, your important files, your important discussions, your pictures or anything else, everything can be kept secure in your device. But what if your phone is not secured enough? Don’t you think we should keep our phone secure? But with? You all can secure your phone with the anti-virus app called Norton. This app is an anti-virus app which keeps your phone secured from the viruses, malware or anything like that. No matter what file you download, which app do you use, all the app and data will be scanned through the app so that your phone will be safe from viruses. This app is free of cost and is available for all the devices.  Continue reading

9Apps Clear Scan

9AppsWant to scan your documents? You would now not need scanner everytime you want to sacn. Yes what we are saying is absolutely possible for you. How? Clear Scan is the app that can let you scan your documents easily with your mobile camera and you would not need any scanner to do the task. You can scan and convert your documents into a pdf using your phone. It uses your mobile camera to click the pictures of the documents and the quality is good when you get scanned documents.

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9Apps Smart Puzzles

9AppsAre you someone who likes to challenge mind with some puzzles?? Then you should download the smart puzzles game now in your device. The game is all about puzzles and puzzles. Lots of puzzles are available in this game including hex puzzles, block puzzles, puzzles with match, line puzzles etc. The game is good when you are getting bore as you can play it anywhere you want. All you would need to do is download this game. The game can be played offline. This game is available for kids and adults both. Overall it is a family game which anyone can enjoy.

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9Apps Peel Remote

9AppsDo you own a smart TV? If you do, you must be knowing the pain of finding the remote every time when you want to start the TV. But do you know what is the smarter way? The smarter option is indeed to simply download an app which will work like your remote. We are talking about the app called Peel Remote. This app is indeed a blessing because you do not need the remote after using this app. You can simply download this and use it as long as you want to or you can operate the TV forever. But to do that, you need to first setup it with your TV. For this, you need to, first of all, find the cable operator and then the TV brand so that it will connect to your TV automatically. Then you can change the channels, use the internet and do everything one can do from their remote. Continue reading