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Are you an android user who has switched to the iOS recently? Having a new phone is a lot of excitement but at the same time, you really need to stress about the data and everything that is available in your android device. Most of the time, switching from android to android is very easy as there are many apps available through which one can easily switch their whole data and since android supports google drive, you can easily have the backup and get the data transferred very easily. However, if you have an iOS device, you are going to face some issues as it is not very easy to download all your data from android to iOS. You will need an application for the same. And here, we are sharing one of the known app called Movie to iOS. This application will transfer the data on your behalf so that you do not have to face any issue at all. It is indeed a very easy app that one can download and you are not going to have any trouble while using the same.

If you are interested in using this app, then first, you need to download an app store application called 9Apps via which you can download any other app of your choice in no time. Yes, it is easy and can be done in a single go. So let us know how to do that.

How to download Movie to iOS from 9Apps?

Download 9Apps and install it now.

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