9Apps Times Prime

If you want one app that can do everything for you in terms of giving you the best entertainment and giving the best offers to shop, then downloading Times Prime application will be a wise option that you must do. This app is one of the best one to download and with the help of this app, you will be able to have all of those movie streaming subscription at one place. Also, you will get many coupons that can help you in buying stuff for lesser price. Overall, this app is the one shop app for every need. It has got a premium subscription but the amount for the same is too less that you will not mind paying the same. Adding on, downloading it is easy and can be done for free of cost. Continue reading


9Apps The Economic Times

If you are someone who likes reading news but can’t do it due to your busy schedule, then here’s the app that you can download. If you have a busy schedule due to which it is literally impossible to take some time to have a look at the newspaper or your TV channels, then yes, all you need to do is to download this app called the economic times and you are almost done. The economic times is a famous news channel who also have their application and newspaper available through out the world. You can have an application where you will be able to read many things including the Sensex, news, etc. The app is pretty easy and is free of cost so you can easily use it without any hassles. Downloading 9Apps will be a minute task that one can do for reading the news. Continue reading

MP Farm 9Apps

Do you like fresh vegetables? Who would not like Amazing and fresh vegetables and fruits coming at your doorstep. It is indeed a blessing as you can save a lot of time as all those foods and vegetables will come directly to your home. If you are looking to download one such app that can bring all of those vegetables and fruits directly at your home from the farm then you are at the right place. You need to download MP farm application that is available exclusively for Android users. In this application, you will find that the prices of fruits and vegetables are so affordable and cheap that anyone can afford them and even they have free delivery options available for everyone which is indeed biss. Beat any fruit or any vegetable you are going to have everything in this application itself and it is going to be a very easy application that anyone can have on the android device. Continue reading

DSLR Camera 9Apps

Are you looking to download an application through which you can have a full professional video shoot just like you do from your DSLR camera? If yes, then we have got a solution for you. You can download this amazing app called DSLR camera through which having a photoshoot with full-on features and editing will be possible without any difficulties. You do not need to be a professional for using this application as it is a very easy-to-use application that anyone can use even if you are a Newbie, you are going to love it. The application is an easy one and is indeed  the one of the application is very smooth and easy to use. There are lots of features available in it which we will talk about after downloading it. You do not have to pay anything for the application however they have a premium version available for their users. Continue reading

9Apps Dr Fone

Are you looking to transfer your iOS data to your android device or vice versa? If yes then we have got a solution covered for you today we are going to discuss an application that will help you in transferring your android data or iOS data to your respective devices. This application is none other than Dr fone and you would love to have this application as it is a paid application with a free version available for everyone. If you’re unsure about this application, you can also use the freemium version available in the application. After using the free of cost version you can also decide if you are willing to use the premium version of the application or not. There are loads of other features available in the application as well. You can try this application and let us know how did it work for you. Continue reading

9Apps PDF Scanner

There are loads of applications these days available for android users. All of those applications have their own uses and benefits. Today we are going to discuss an application named PDF scanner. This application is going to scan your PDF and will help you in converting that app file to your document. This application is a free of cost application so you are not going to pay anything at all for using the services offered by the application called PDF scanner. You can simply just download this application and start using it. Although there are so many applications that serves the same thing but PDS Gaana does it best and thus, we are sharing this application with you all. If you wish to download this application, then you have to tap on continue reading. Continue reading


9Apps Move to iOS

Are you an android user who has switched to the iOS recently? Having a new phone is a lot of excitement but at the same time, you really need to stress about the data and everything that is available in your android device. Most of the time, switching from android to android is very easy as there are many apps available through which one can easily switch their whole data and since android supports google drive, you can easily have the backup and get the data transferred very easily. However, if you have an iOS device, you are going to face some issues as it is not very easy to download all your data from android to iOS. You will need an application for the same. And here, we are sharing one of the known app called Movie to iOS. This application will transfer the data on your behalf so that you do not have to face any issue at all. It is indeed a very easy app that one can download and you are not going to have any trouble while using the same. Continue reading


9Apps Mcdelivery

If you are a die-hard burger fan, then it is impossible to not like McDonalds. It is the best food chain brand available all over the globe for their burgers. Be it any burger or any french fries, they make it the best and that is been proved multiple times.  Also, the rates are quite affordable too and thus, you will be able to have them easily without any issues. If you want to order the food online and you’re not getting any way, then you really can download this app called McDelivery and get the food at your doorstep easily. Continue reading

9Apps Biryani by Kilo

There are many brands that serve amazing biryani these days. If you’re a biryani fan, you can order it from your device itself. Be it veg or nonveg, you can get them both easily. But yes, there are loads of variety available due to which getting any will be easier for anyone. Today, we are going to talk about the app named Biryani By Kilo. It is a food chain brand that is famous for its biryanis. You will be getting some amazing biryani from there and the prices are totally justified as per the food. If you want to order the food, you can get this done with the help of this easy and amazing app. Continue reading

9Apps WhatsApp Business

There are many apps these days that work. You will be able to download it for many purposes. One of those apps is WhatsApp which is also the biggest app for many reasons. It is mainly used for messaging and calling these days but since it has the largest market in most of the region, the developers have introduced WhatsApp web which is also the same app but the main purpose is to increase and use it for your business. This app will be used for your business purpose and you can use it as it has got some automated replies, payment gateway, and much more. Continue reading