9Apps APUS File Manager

9AppsWant to organise the files of your android device systematically? The APUS File manager can help you in managing your files. This file manager is available for android. It is free of cost and have lot of uses. You would be ably to change the view of your files into grid or tiles, whichever suits you. It allows you to cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename etc. It smartly categorises your device’s files into videos, apps, images type categories. It is an intelligent file manager which detects the junk files and helps you in clearing them from your device.

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9Apps ShowBox

9AppsAre you a crazy fan of watching films? If you are the one who likes watching films every day or maybe every week just after the movie is launched in the theatres, then you need to download this app too. No, there is no online streaming app we are talking about. Today we are talking about the app which is free of cost and which can tell you the genuine review of any film you want to watch. The app will be free of cost and you can read the honest reviews here. In most cases, the reviews you see are either biased or not in detailed so you can not trust them. But in this app, the reviews are really honest and unbiased. You can rely on the app here. Be it any film, latest or old, Bollywood or Hollywood, you can watch the trailer of every film and also you can read the review of every film. It is really free of cost and you can trust them.  Continue reading

9Apps Chess

9AppsWant to play strategy game? Play chess and show others how smart you are. The game is obviously one of the most difficult game and best for people who love challenging themselves. The game is two player game which would be played online. You can participate in the daily challenges and win points. The game also have some achievements which you can earn after successfully winning particular levels. Chess game is free of cost which means users would not have to pay for it if they want to download or play it. However, to remove the interrupting advertisements, you may pay.

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9Apps 8 Ball Pool

9AppsHave you ever played the pool game on your device? Not yet? Try now using the 8 Ball Pool game app. The app allows you to play pool game in your device without any hassle. The game is much like the one you play in real, and thus it is the best option to get the real life pool experience if you can’t play otherwise. It improves your skills of the pool game. The app is available for multiple platforms i.e. whatever the device you have be it a windows PC or iOS mobile, the game is downloadable in your device.

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9Apps Jugnoo

9AppsAre you looking for online auto? Well, if you’re, then we’ve some amazing app for you through which you can choose your online auto and go for a ride in a few minutes. All you need to do is to download the app easily in your device and starting booking cabs online. It is one of the most cheapest and easiest cabs online. It’ll be really easy. Also, you will be getting some great discounts too. It is easy and safe. Many a times, the app will give you free rides too and if you’re interested in ordering food at the same time, you can do that as well. The app also offers good delivery too and they’ve really great discounts which can be grabbed easily. You can also order food through jugnoo for ordering from foodpanda and it’ll give you good discounts indeed.

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9Apps Paytm Mall

9AppsWho doesn’t like to shop? Specially, when getting amazing bargain rates online. Gone are those days where people had to visit market to get better discounts on products. Now, everything is available on the internet. There are many shopping websites which avails great products in even much better discounts than the physical market shops. One of the best shopping website is Paytm Mall. The website has its own app that can be easily installed in the device and makes your shopping much easier than before. Paytm Mall is a venture by Paytm which allows you to shop millions of products online of different categories. It also lists imported products and provides great deals on them.

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9Apps Amazon

9AppsDo you want to download an app where you can shop for everything and anything without any hesitation? If you are looking forward to one such app then you need to download the app called Amazon where you can find anything and everything. Yes, the app is for the customers who like online shopping without going out. In Amazon, you can buy anything be it a dress, crockery, shoes or any other random thing. Apart from this, since Amazon has made him bigger and better, you can also pay the bills through the app. Yes, you can pay the electricity bill, gas bill, travel tickets, recharges and etc through the app and it will be all for free of cost. Only the bill amount has to be given but apart from this, there is no service or other charge hidden. You can simply download the app in your device for free of cost and buy anything. Continue reading

9Apps Photomath

9AppsGetting problem in teaching maths subject to your kids? Unsure about the right steps or answers? Probably you need Photomath app. This app has been made to help all the teachers, parents and students in solving maths questions easily. The app is handy and comfortable to use. It has a very simple design so stop worrying that how you would use it. To use this app you would have to point your camera on the maths question in which you are doubtful. It will instantly show you the answer of the maths problem. You can also get detailed step wise answers in this app.

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9Apps LinkedIn

9AppsAre you a person who is into any professional circle or is willing to get a good job? You know where to go if you are looking for a good job? Going to the office of every other person is not the practically possible thing at all. However, you can simply download the app we are talking about, called LinkedIn here. Now you must be thinking why to download this app and what will this app do? Well, the app we are talking about is an app through which you can add the people of your professional circle and also can add different people online. You can make a new friend through the app. And if you have already a job, you can simply add the mates of yours in your circle easily. If you are looking for a job, you can browse the jobs from the jobs that are posted and if you are looking to hire people, you can post a job and it can work this way as well. Apart from this, it will make a huge difference in your professional life so having a good profile is a must. The app is indeed a wonderful app for sure through which you can keep your professional life happy and satisfied. You can use the pro version of the app or simply go for the free one. That is up to you. Continue reading

9Apps UC Browser

9AppsNeed a good and speedy Browser? Try UC Browser. This browser is one of the best browser. The browser gives you high downloading and uploading speed, so you won’t have to wait anymore to load website pages in your browser. You would be able to browse smoothly. The browser has an incognito mode, which would allow you to browse privately, and no cookies would be shared with the websites. The browser allows you to open multiple tabs for multitasking, with this feature you can browse multiple websites at the same time without closing any of them.

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