9Apps BookMyShow

9AppsWatching movies is fun. No matter how busy you’re, you alas manage to get some time to watch s newly released film in the theatre. Isn’t it? Watching films at home has its own level of comfort, however, watching films in the theatre is equally fun. But the main Issue is to book the tickets. From where to book the tickets? Gone are the days when people use to book the tickets by standing in the long queue.

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9Apps MakeMyTrip

9AppsTraveling is fun but the only thing which makes us curious is the bookings. Yes, before traveling, we really feel like to book everything in advance so that we do not get into any sort of trouble after coming to the country or city. But from which reliable source should we book the tickets? If you are worried about it, don’t be, you can make your bookings done online through the app MakeMyTrip. The app is basically where you can make the bookings of your flight tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings and in fact international hotel bookings too. The app will do everything once you tell which booking you need to make now. For hotel bookings, you will get all the best hotels of the particular place and will give you some budget-friendly hotels too. You just have to filter it to be more specific with your requirements and expectations to the hotel. The app will offer you some great discounts exclusively available on the app only. If you want to cancel your booking, the best part is that you can cancel it without getting charges, which means that you will get your full money back if you book through the app. Continue reading

9Apps ShopClues

9AppsDo you like shopping but can not do it much because you’ve a busy life? Well, it is an issue with most of us nowadays. We want time but we have work. And for shopping, you need to go out, meet people, visit stores and buy which is really tiring. However if you can’t afford giving this much time, you can simply check out the online shipping app Shopclues. It is the app where you will literally find anything and everything. Be it from clothing. Footwear, accessories or even a single knife, you’ll get everything on the app that too in an affordable price. The prices of the products are so less that you’ll hardly believe them. Indeed, the app is worth using and trying once. You can download the app and place your orders. The app is suitable for those who really wants to do affordable shopping. You can place the order, expect the returns, delivery and everything to be done perfectly. If you’re really looking forward to shop online, I would suggest you to try ShopClues and test it’s products once. Continue reading

9Apps LimeRoad

9AppsWho does not like shopping? But when it comes to going out and buy yourself some good clothes, footwear, accessories, it takes a lot of time. You need to check out more than 10 stores and then select the one you want to have. Also, the pricing thing also can be a barrier because if there is no discount on what you like, there is no way you can have it without paying the money they are asking you to. It becomes a neverending and tiring task then. However, if you try LimeRoad, things will be sorted and good. How? Since LimeRoad is an app where you can buy clothes, footwear, accessories for both the gender, you do not need to check out a different place. Just download the app and get yourself some good clothes. Apart from clothing, if you want some home furnishing things, home decor things or bar and dining products, the app is good for that also. You can grab such things from there too. Continue reading

9Apps Amazon Prime Video

9AppsWatching movies is fun but for that, we have to go to our nearby theatre. But can’t we watch the film of our choice without visiting the theatre? Well, we can. How? Obviously through online streaming apps. But which app can be your help? If you are someone who prefers Bollywood and Hollywood film both, you should go for Amazon Prime. If you don’t know about this app and how can we get it, let me tell you that it is a paid app and you must have an Amazon account for that. If you have it, you need to apply for Amazon Prime for which you will have to pay a certain amount. The amount would totally depend on the duration of the subscription you are going to have. You can watch web series, Original prime videos, Bollywood films, Hollywood films and etc then. The videos you will watch will be ad-free. You can watch as many videos as you want. However, for using the app in your smartphone, you need to download the separate app for that. Just download the app and start watching the videos. It is easy and safe.  Continue reading

9Apps Myntra

9AppsAre you an online shopping lover? need a trustworthy website? Try Myntra. It is one of the popular websites available for shopping. Myntra is now owned by Flipkart. This shopping platform is known for its amazing products and deals it provides to it customers. Myntra deals in Fashion products be it clothing, shoes, handbags or makeup. It also has Home decor, linen and Kitchen products available on it. It guarantees you refund in 30 days, if you didn’t like the product after receiving. If you have got defective piece or a misfit than you may exchange it with the right product.

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9Apps Uber Eats

9AppsWhat do you do when you feel hungry and there is nothing to eat at home? You can order it online. Yes, you can do it and it is very easy to do so. But all you need is a good app so that you can order food online without being spammed. Uber Eats is a renowned app made by Uber cabs. You can order food while watching a movie or doing anything at home through the app and the app will get your food at your doorstep within some minutes. You can also track it. Payment can be made before or after delivery, all up to you. You just have to download the app first. One more thing the app has which is different from others is that you will see the menu of mostly restaurant having a special uber menu. The prices will be much less than the usual and you can have them anytime. You will often get many coupons and deals and offers to reduce the prices. Earlier, the app was available in some metro cities only however now, the app is available in every city.  Continue reading

9Apps Quickr

9AppsWant to sell something second hand? Where can you send it? Practically, if you go door to door or some shop where you can find someone, you will waste a lot of time and will hardly get any output. But the better and smart way is to list the item on Quickr. Yes, to those who don’t know, Quickr is an app where you can sell or buy anything second hand. Yes, Quickr is the best place to sell these things. Talking about how to use it, you just have to download the app and sign up using your number. List your product and upload an image and write a price on which you want to sell it. The buyer will come and contact you. If in case of any negotiation available, they will contact and ask you. You are the one who will take the decision and sell the product. If you are a buyer, you need to filter out your location and area nearby so that you can meet the seller and purchase the product. It is just a mediator and will not ask for any commision. However, doing it through the app is recommended so that there will be fewer chances of fraud.  Continue reading

9Apps Foodpanda

9AppsIn this busy life, we have forgotten the fact that we live only once. We should go out, eat, enjoy, laugh and socialize. However, working hard is equally important.  And since it takes time to go out and eat, people prefer online food delivery apps. But what if they charge more? Well, this can be a serious issue and hence, we have got one app called Foodpanda for you which can serve you your favorite food at your doorstep only. How? for that, you just have to order through the app and pay. Either you pay online or cash on delivery, that is up to you. The app is indeed one of the best apps for ordering food online. Here you can order from multiple restaurants and the delivery charge would be free of cost in maximum orders. Also, you will be getting enough discounts too so that you can really go economically while eating. It also gives you the chance to order from Foodpanda special menu and there you can save a lot of amounts easily. Foodpanda also gives you the coupon to apply and save a lot of amounts. But from where to download the app?  Continue reading

9Apps Google Pay

9AppsSince the technology has made our life easier, even the banking has become easy nowadays. Now you no need to be on a line to transfer or withdraw your funds. You can do it easily through your ATM card and internet banking. However, internet banking is a bit difficult as compared to the app I’m going to tell you about today. Yes, today we are going to talk about an app called Google pay. As the name suggests, the app is introduced by Google itself to make our banking easier. Earlier, it was called as Tez and now it has been rebranded as Google Pay. The app is all about sending and receiving money. Through the app, you can transfer right away to any account. You just have to add the details correctly and transfer the amount. But before that, you need to link your app to your phone number which is linked to your account number so that it can fetch the details of your account. however, don’t worry, it is a safe app and your money will be safe with it. You’ll also have to add a pin code so that you can transfer the account only after entering the code. Apart from these amazing features, you’ll also get a chance to win a scratch card with your every transaction. Continue reading