9Apps Squaredroid

9AppsWe all use social media and we all like clicking our photos too. But what makes you stop from uploading your picture to your socal media accounts? The size for sure. Yes, many times, due to the size of the picture which is either too big or too small, you are asked to crop it or resize it which takes time and you then do not upload it. Especially when you are in a mood of uploading full image, you can’t do it and that’s what makes you feel sad. But don’t be sad anymore because today we are going to talk about the app which will resize the picture and let you share it in your social media accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Or if you want to update it on any other account, you can do it. By using the app called SquareDroid, you will be able to make the picture perfect to the size of which Instagram supports. You can add the picture, use the frame and simply use it for uploading it anywhere and for this, you will not be charged. Continue reading

9Apps Indeed

9AppsDo you want to search for a job without going to the offices everyday? If yes, you still can do as the world is now smarter than before and things have changed. Now you don’t have to go door to door for getting the job. You can also get it by sitting at your home too. How? By using some apps. There are so many apps people use in order to get the job without going out. You just have to find those apps and register yourself in those apps. Once you do that, you can get the perfect job for sure. But to make it easier for you, you can simply download the app called Indeed. It is the app where you can easily find so many jobs from all over the world. No matter where do you live, you just need to download the app and register your profile in it. You can add your skills and according to it, you will get the best job ever for you. Continue reading

9Apps Grammarly Keyboard

9AppsWant to improve your writing skills? Do you often make silly grammatical mistakes? Want to proofread your content? Get the Grammarly Keyboard app. This app will let you know what mistake you have made in your written content. Anything you have written will be checked through Grammarly and you will be able to correct it easily. The app is a keyboard which you would need to install and set as the default keyboard in your device’s setting. Once set it will start working for you and will stop you from making mistakes everytime you write something your device.

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9Apps Curiosity

9AppsWant to learn new things? Curiosity is the app you probably need most. This app is a platform to learn new things new facts etc. If you are someone always have been curious about the things then surely this app is made for you. You will find thousands of articles on the app. These articles will be useful to you in all ways. You would be able to get your answers and would even help you for your betterment. The app is available for all type of platforms, so whatever device you are using you would be able to get this app easily in the device.

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9Apps Fruits Bomb

9AppsIt is an android game where 3 or more-line of juicy same type and pattern of fruit bombs can be matched, and scoring is done by leveling up of the mission. This game consists of colorful fruit bombs like strawberry, blueberry, orange, and grapes. This game is very addictive and contains various levels. Difficulty increases when levels up. While playing breads, ice and chocolate matching and directly let the users pass the levels.

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9Apps YouTube Go

9AppsDo you regularly watch videos on YouTube? Want to download them? Or the app eating up your phone storage? You need YouTube Go app. This is a brand new app developed by Google LLC. The app lets you use your YouTube account in the same way you do in regular app, but in a different way. The YouTube Go is made for those who do not have much space in their device and thus unable to run YouTube properly. The app gives you a facility to download the videos you watch on YouTube. You would not need any extra app to download videos from YouTube, instead this app will give you the option automatically.

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9Apps Opera Touch

9AppsWant a fast browser in your device? Get opera touch browser. It is a new browser from opera. This browser is designed for smartphones. It is a small sized browser which can be easily installed in your device. The app lets you search the things in one go. You can simply type or use the voice search to search anything you want. Opera touch browser is faster and safe than other browsers. It has end to end encryption providing full safety to the users. This app is downloadable in all platforms. So whichever platform based device you are using, you can have this app in your device easily.

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9Apps Economic Times

9AppsIf you are interested in Business news, then Economic Times is the apt app for you. It is one solution to get all the business related and stock related news in one go. Wherever you are, you would not have to stick to your television sets. As the event happens, it will inform you first in your device. The app is from well known publication Economic Times. It is a digitalised version of this publication with a motive to keep you informed about all the happenings of Business and stock world.

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9Apps TikTok

9AppsAre you getting bored these days and you want some app to do some fun? If yes, then we have got you the perfect app for you through which you can do some fun without being so nasty at all. What you can do is to create some videos and show the world too. Yes, how about getting famous while making your own videos? The app has a big collection where you can do voice synchronizing on any song or particular anything and you can make any video doing that. It is very easy and free of cost to do. Yes, you can make any video of your choice and show it to the world and get famous. Isn’t it amazing? Well, if you are looking forward and want to download the app, click here. Continue reading

9Apps Ice Crush

9AppsAddicted to Match games? Wanna try new game? Ice crush is a game which is made specially for those who love match games. The ice crush game lets you enjoy every level at its fullest. It has lots of surprises for you inside. At each level you would need to earn coins with which you can purchase in game items. Thus you would not have to spend any extra penny to purchase such items. This game is available for all type of platforms. You would not get any problem in getting this game installed in your device.

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