9Apps Instant Email Address

9AppsWant to keep your emails safe from spams? Get Instant Email Address app in your device and you would never have to share your email id in any of the untrusted website or platform. Use the disposable email address which you can create in this app and use it wherever you want. You can use this app to verify lot of accounts whether you want to create fake social media accounts or numerous shopping site accounts to get more discount, this app will be really useful for you. The application is easy to use and understand which is all because of the simple interface it has.

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9Apps Hebber’s Kitchen

9AppsAre you a foodie who wants to know some really good recipes? If yes, the app Hebber’s Kitchen will do it easy for you. It is the app where you only need to download the app and you can know the recipes of the app. There are so many recipes given online which one can read and simply create. Anything and everything will look yum if you know how to make it correct. And this app will do it for you. The app started with a facebook page where the recipes are still being shared everyday with a video and people love it. After getting a good response, the app has been created for the same. The guidance in the video and in the written form will be there. You only need to download the app. Continue reading

9pps Bajaj Finserv Direct

9AppsWant to apply for loans? Get Bajaj Finserv direct app and apply for loans sitting at home. You would not now need to visit banks of loan or any other financial institutions. You would be now able to apply for the loans without any problem. Also all your documents can also be submitted from home. This is all possible because of Bajaj Finserve Direct app. This allows you to apply for various types of loans it offers from your device. This application is free to download and use therefore you would not need to pay anything to get this app.

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9Apps Unocoin Wallet

9AppsInterested in Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency? Get Unocoin wallet in your device. This application is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can hold, but or sell all type of cryptocurrencies. The application is very easy to use and handle as the interface of the app is designed keeping the users in mind and is easily understandable. The application is available for free of cost so users would not need to pay anything to get this app. You can download this app in any platform you are using as it supports all type of platforms.

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9Apps WhatsApp Business Ac

9AppsAre you looking to download an app which will help you in your business? Since everyone has some sort of business where they have to talk to people, take payments, send some, it is necessary to download an app which will allow you to download it. The app we are talking about is WhatsApp Business. You all know this app which is used for texting. But if you want to make a business account, you must download WhatsApp Business app where you can make the automatic replies, talk to people and also make some monetary transactions. The app is one of the easiest app ever. You can use the app easily for talking to your clients. Continue reading

9Apps Viu

9AppsViu is a streaming application which allows you to stream the movies and shows on it. The application is available for android device only. The app allows you to watch al type of movies and shows in it. It supports HD quality of videos. The application is available for free of cost for download. But for full features, the users can subscribe the premium version of this app. The app allows you to download it in your android platform only as it supports android devices. You would not be able to download it in any other platform.

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9Apps Step Counter

9AppsWant to track your activities? Are you health conscious? Then you probably need an app that can track your physical activities and show you how much calories are you losing. Step Counter is such an app for the users. The Step counter application helps you to count the daily walking time by counting your steps. It shows you how far you have walked and how much calories you have reduced by walking. The application has a simple and easy interface which makes it easy for all. The app is available for android devices thus all android users are able to use this app in their devices.

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9Apps Hik Connect

9AppsDo you have cameras in your home or office? Or want to install? Get Hik Connect app for it. The application is a video surveillance software which allows users to connect it with DVRs, NVRs cameras, Video intercomm devices, and security control panels. The app help you to watch real time surveillance video or you would be able to play it back from your home. It has an alarm feature which gets played in your device when there is an notification in the app. The app is available for free of cost, which means you would not need to pay anything for this app. The application is available for android devices so if you have an android device you can easily use the application in your device.

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9Apps Sony Liv

9AppsMissing your shows or news of Sony Network Channels? Get this Sony Liv app in your device and enjoy all your shows and movies on this app. The application is available for free of cost for download but has a premium version too. Many of its content is locked under this premium version which users can access only if they subscribe the premium version of the app. Otherwise who do not want to subscribe the premium version can use the app for free and stream movies and shows as much as they want.

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9Apps Ablo

9AppsDo you like meeting new people everday? Want new friends? Have interest in knowing different cultures? If all these are yes for you then you surely need Ablo app. It is an interesting app which is a kind of social media app but unique in its own way. The application is designed keeping in mind that throughout the world cultural diversities are found. TRhis app therefore gives you an opportunity to meet new people and know about their culture. The application is available for free of cost and can be downloaded in android platform.

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