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9AppsDo you own a Business? Want to communicate with your customers more comfortably? Get WhatsApp Business app. You might be thinking that you already have WhatsApp in your device. Here we are not talking about the regular WhatsApp app you use for personal use. You can now download WhatsApp Business app for business purpose. This will help you to use WhatsApp with your business number and you won’t have to use personal whatsApp anymore for this. The app allows you to make a business profile where you can enter your website name, business name etc. This would help users to know your Business better.

The WhatsApp Business app can be downloaded in your device even if you already have personal WhatsApp app in it. Both of these apps can run simultaneously in the same device. The app is available for all platforms hence you can easily use it in any of the device you want. The app also allows you to use WhatsApp web. It allows more features on the web than you get in normal Whatsapp web account. The app also allows you to create the account using a fixed landline number. The app is available for download in 9Apps. This is an app store that allows safe downloading of apps.

How to download WhatsApp Business using 9Apps?

First, download 9Apps and open the app in your device. Go to the search box and type WhatApp Business in it. Click search icon. Tap the result and install the app.

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