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9AppsHave you got bored alone? Chat with your friends online. Try a fun way to get in touch with your friends with WeChat.WeChat is a Chinese app which is made for online chatting with friends. It allows you to do chat, calls, group chats etc. The app is quite like a regular messaging app but it have some difference too. It allows you to make video calls within group chats. You can have fun with your friends while chatting with amazing emojis it offers in chat. It also allows you to share videos and pictures to your group or friend. WeChat is easy to access app which has a very simple interface.

WeChat is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and Hike messaging apps. This app would not take much of your space for downloading. You can download WeChat on 9Apps easily. 9Apps is an online app store where millions of apps gets listed everyday. It is a safe app and you should definitely use 9Apps.

How to download WeChat using 9Apps ?

To download WeChat, you would need to get 9Apps first. You can download it using these steps-

  1. Click on the button and download 9Apps, so that you would be able to download your apps securely.
  2. Once downloaded, install it following the steps you will get to install.
  3. After installation of 9Apps, go to the search bar and type WeChat in it to search. Click the app and install.

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