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9AppsWhenever we have to search anything on Google, we use the method of typing after which we search things. It is difficult to type everytime but. So in order to keep the work easy and make it simple for you, you can also use the Voice Search app. Yes, this is the app which can let you search whatever you want to type. Instead of typing, here you only need to search and your words will be searched easily. It is very helpful when it comes to searching because you don’t have to search a lot by typing and whenever you want, you can easily speak and google will write it. Indeed, it is one of the easiest app ever. And if you want to download this app, we can download it too. So let us see how to download the app.¬†For downloading this app, you can either go and search on google and download it through different apps but it can also harm your phone. So what you can do is to download an app store called 9Apps through which you can download any app easily. It is easy and safe. You just have to use the app and download any app you want.

How to download Voice Search from 9Apps?

For downloading the Voice search, you need to download 9Apps first. For this, click on the given link, make sure to agree to the terms and conditions and install the app. You can then search for any app and download it from 9Apps including Voice Search.

Download 9Apps

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