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9AppsDo you love watching funny videos? If yes, then you might love using VMate in your device. VMate is a social networking platform made for videos. This app let’s you share and watch funny videos. It has the largest video community where you can follow each other and share videos. If you are also looking forward for a video app, than VMate is the nice choice. This app is easily available in the stores. This app is downloadable in Android devices.

VMate is product by AliBaba group. The app has an video editing tool which enables you to edit videos you want to upload.  It has special effects and filters available for videos. It allows you to share emojis. The app allows you to follow other community members after which you would be able to see their video feeds. It allows you to upload your own videos. You can also participated in the challenge of popular video, where you can upload your video and can win the competition if your video got ranked on the top. You can download VMate app from 9Apps. This is an app store which would let you download it safely without any malware.

How to download VMate using 9Apps?

You can download 9Apps from the given link. After this open the app and search for VMate, you can install it in your device once appeared in search result.


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