9Apps Unocoin Wallet

9AppsInterested in Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency? Get Unocoin wallet in your device. This application is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can hold, but or sell all type of cryptocurrencies. The application is very easy to use and handle as the interface of the app is designed keeping the users in mind and is easily understandable. The application is available for free of cost so users would not need to pay anything to get this app. You can download this app in any platform you are using as it supports all type of platforms.

The unocoin wallet lets you trade cryptocurrencies. The rates of each currency would be available in the app and also you would be able to check the change of the price for every day month or year as per your preference. The application allows you to transfer the amount to your bank account and also you can buy currencies using net banking, credit or debit card. The app charges low transaction fees which is better than other wallets. The users would be able to make deposits and withdrawal in Indian currencies too. The application is available for download in 9Apps.

How to download unocoin wallet using 9Apps?

To download Unocoin wallet, you would first need to click on the link and download 9Apps. Open the 9Apps after you install it and search for the Unocoin wallet. Once you get it, tap on it and install.

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