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9AppsWe all like roaming around the city but many of us could not do it because we do not have our own vehicle or either we don’t know how to drive. It is indeed a difficult thing to manage. But if you are using the Uber app, it will not the case. Yes, you must be thinking why I’m telling you about this app because it is already a known app indeed. However, we are talking about Uber Lite here. Did you use this app till now? Well, if not now, then it is the time to use it. It is a lighter version of the app through which you can book the cabs, apply coupons and use it just like you use to use Uber cabs. The only difference here is the fact that the app is very light and can be used in your device without occupying much space. It is a lighter and a smarter version indeed. Not just that but just after you download the app, you will get some promotional coupons as well. If you like to download this app, then all you need to download first is 9Apps. Once you download this app, you will have to then search for Uber Lite and download it. It will be a safe procedure to download the app. Simply download and then search and download it too.

How to download Uber Lite from 9Apps?

Click here to download the app.

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