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9AppsWant to connect with world? Use Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site where you can connect with people. It allows you to follow even those you haven’t met in real, like celebrities, influencers etc. You would get all their updates and tweets. It allows you to tweet, like or share the posts you like. Twitter has also becoming a major media to have a discussion on various topics. You can also tweets to services related to your unheard issues.

Twitter allows others to follow you as well. You can keep your account private or public as per your preference. In private account people would be able to follow you only if you accept their request. They would even not be able to see your tweets and activities. You can download the twitter app through 9Apps. 9Apps is an app store where you can get a vast collection of apps to download. It is safe to use and download apps. 9Apps has a very simple design which makes it simple and easier to use. It has inbuilt search bar where you can search for apps to download. You can type the name of the app you want or you may search in the related categories.

How to download Twitter using 9Apps?

To get Twitter in your device and start networking, click on the download button and download 9Apps app store. Once you download and install it, search for Twitter and click install.

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