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9AppsAre you looking for more apps like Whatsapp so that you can talk to the people using such apps and make your conversation easy? These apps are good because you don’t need to make the calls then if you are using such apps because everything can be done through this app so there is no need of calling people. Such apps are easy and reliable and today, we are going to talk about one such app called Telegram. The app is no more a new app for any of us because it has been used globally. People like using such apps because it makes their work easy. Telegram is also a messenger app through which you can talk to people all over the world. However, you need to add the contact number of the people you want to get the touch in. The best thing is that the app is all free of cost so there is no money needed for using the app. All you need is the internet and a download link to download the app for using it. And if you are willing to download Telegram, there here is the store called 9Apps from where you can download this app for free of cost without paying anything. One more good thing about this app is that it is 100% safe as well. So just let us see how can we download Telegram through 9Apps in some really easy steps.

How to download Telegram from 9Apps?

Click on the link and download 9Apps first. Once done, search for Telegram and download it.

Download 9Apps

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