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9AppsAs the development of technology and high speed and low cost of data, more people are watching videos, movies, and their favorite shows on mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Now a days so many apps and sites are available to stream the videos. These apps are have the option to download the videos, save it ad and can watch later.

One of the popular app is TED which can be downloaded from 9Apps. It is developed by TED
conferences LLC. And it was released on March 2012. It is developed mostly for the educational purpose. We can stream the videos any time. It is available on online whenever we want to watch. In this app we can choose the library of videos in TED talk and can watch right away or can watch later on by downloading the videos. We can listen the TED radio on NPR, Sincerely or X etc. Also available the videos
in more than 100 languages. We can also view the inspiring talks most eminent persons, funny videos by downloading and watch offline by later.

How to download TED using 9Apps?

For getting this app, first, we have to download 9Apps using the given link. Then install the app on your device. After that search the TED app from 9apps. Download the TED app shown and read the instructions, allow to access the device media and install the app on the device. After that open app and register with your email address and password. Then log in and watch the videos.

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