9Apps Talking Tom Cat

9AppsEver wondered if you had a pet in your smartphone which would mimic everything you said, you can download Talking Tom Cat which does exactly this, this app is created by Outfit7 Limited which focuses on various apps which all have animal characters who repeat everything said by the user, this is one of the first apps every created by Outfit7 Limited which spread like rapid fire as soon as it launched in july 2010, by the end of June 2018 this app already had 8 billion downloads. This is a fun app which has a Cat named Tom which is a grey chubby kinda cat and stands still with its hands behind its back, this 3D character not only repeats everything you say but if you tap on it it gets hurt and there are other functions it performs which are provided on the sides of the screen like tickle, poke, and more, this app got so much fame that there are other versions of this app like Talking Angela which is Tom’s love interest and Talking Ginger, Ben, Hank and Pierre.

You can download Talking Tom Cat from 9Apps app store. This is only available for Android devices and is the best App Store as the size of the complete app is under 1 MB which is a great thing as Android users often have complaints about all the big apps and how they take all the space on their device and slow it down, well this App Store not only takes up that less of space but you can download all the best apps for free in an instant.

Download Talking Tom Cat via 9Apps on Android Devices.

  1. Make sure to go to settings and allow download from “Unknown Sources”
  2. Open your preferred  web browser and Download 9Apps.
  3. Wait for 9Apps to finish downloading.
  4. Run 9Apps and type ‘Talking Tom Cat’ in the search bar provided above.
  5. Choose ‘Talking Tom Cat’ app and tap on ‘download’
  6. Wait for Talking Tom Cat to install on your device.
  7. Now you can run Talking Tom Cat and have fun.

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