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9AppsWe all use social media and we all like clicking our photos too. But what makes you stop from uploading your picture to your socal media accounts? The size for sure. Yes, many times, due to the size of the picture which is either too big or too small, you are asked to crop it or resize it which takes time and you then do not upload it. Especially when you are in a mood of uploading full image, you can’t do it and that’s what makes you feel sad. But don’t be sad anymore because today we are going to talk about the app which will resize the picture and let you share it in your social media accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Or if you want to update it on any other account, you can do it. By using the app called SquareDroid, you will be able to make the picture perfect to the size of which Instagram supports. You can add the picture, use the frame and simply use it for uploading it anywhere and for this, you will not be charged. The only thing you are required to do is to download the app 9Apps which is the app used for downloading other apps and through this app, you can download SquareDroid as well. You can easily download this app using the 9Apps in free of cost within a minute.

How to download SquareDroid from 9Apps?

For downloading this app, you need to download 9Apps store and search for SquareDroid.

Download 9Apps

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