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9AppsLooking to download an app through which you can pay for different bills at one time? If yes, then you need to download one amazing app called Simpl. If you are tired of maintaining different accounts and tracking your expenses of every week, then this app is going to help you. This app will make you pay in different websites within a click. You just need to make an account in this app and once the account is done, you need to just login with the number and link it to different accounts like your bigbasket account, make my trip account and such more accounts. Once it is done, you can make the payment at any such account within a click and you don’t have to pay at that time to your Simpl account. You can pay it later after 15 days. You will get 5 days for invoice generator and making payment. You can make the payment easily there.

For making the payment and using the account Simpl, you need to first download the app in your phone and for that, you can download the app store called 9Apps. Once you download 9Apps, you will be able to download different apps like Simpl and other such apps. You can download those apps.

How to download Simpl from 9Apps?

First download 9Apps, make sure to agree to the terms and conditions, enable unknown sources and simply click to the link. Once downloaded, search for Simpl and download it too.

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