9Apps ShareChat

9AppsWant to make new friends? ShareChat is a great option for making new friends. It is a chatting app like WhatsApp but with difference. This app allows you to chat with friends, family and even strangers. The app hosts a lot of content on it. Which makes your chatting even more interesting. The app allows you to share WhatsApp jokes, memes, trolls etc. Users can use this app in multiple languages. It supports up to 14 languages. The app is available for free of cost. This means user would not have pay for chatting or downloading this app.

ShareChat app let’s you get updated with the latest news and trends. You will also get daily horoscope from different pandits. The app also have viral videos of Bollywood, malayalam, Telugu and other language movies. You can share them with your friends on chat. It also helps you to showcase your talent and you can become internet celebrity. The app has an simple and friendly interface which is east to use can be handled by anyone. The app is available for download in 9Apps. It is an app store where you can securely download apps. This app store is free and reliable.

How to download ShareChat using 9Apps?

The app can be downloaded in your device only after you download 9Apps. Download it from the given link. Open the app and go to the search option. Type ShareChat there and tap on search icon. Once you get the result tap on it and install it in your device.

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