9Apps Running Cats

9AppsDo you love pets? Try a game and pet new cats at every stage. The game is Running Cats. This game is all about running and running. It is simple yet with difficulties at each level. The goal of the player is to escape the cat from the villain and collect coins and cookies as much you can. There would be different levels as the game is an unending game where you would not get bored in any situation. The game is available for different platforms and hence can be enjoy at any device.

Running Cats game is for kids specially. The game has an easy interface that doesn’t let you fall into any difficulty in using the app. The player has to run with the pet and collect the coins and cookies from everywhere. As much you collect you would be able to stay long in the game. Player would also have to collect keys to rescue all the cats you would find throughout the game. The cats have different special abilities which can be used in the game to reach the win point. The game is available in the 9Apps store and hence is available for download.

How to download Running Cats using 9Apps?

You would have to download 9Apps first from the given link to get the game in your device. Once downloaded, open and install the game. Now open it and go to the search box, Type Running cats and hit search icon. In the results you will get the game, click on it and install.

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