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9AppsAre you the one who likes travelling a lot and you prefer travelling via bus because you find it cheaper and safer? Well, if that is the case, you may be right. But you also should know that not all the buses are safe. You must go with some specific brands of buses which are highly reliable. So talking about the same, we are talking about the redbus brand which is not just safe but good for everyone. You can easily travel in that bus without any fail. The bus is totally safe and for bookings, you don’t have to go to the bus centre. You can book it online from wherever you are. You can easily do it from anywhere you want to.

The process is also very easy. You have to download the app Redbus and then book your tickets. You can also track your bus and know the fare from it itself. But to download this app, you have to first download the app store app called 9Apps. This app is very easy and is being loved by everyone. If you use this app, you can download any app you want to download without any issue. So let us see how to download it.

How to download Redbus from 9Apps

to download 9apps  app, click on the link given below and make sure that you enable the unknown sources. If you do that, your next step is to go to the required requested permission and agree to it. Once done, search and install the app you want to.

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