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9AppsWant to sell something second hand? Where can you send it? Practically, if you go door to door or some shop where you can find someone, you will waste a lot of time and will hardly get any output. But the better and smart way is to list the item on Quickr. Yes, to those who don’t know, Quickr is an app where you can sell or buy anything second hand. Yes, Quickr is the best place to sell these things. Talking about how to use it, you just have to download the app and sign up using your number. List your product and upload an image and write a price on which you want to sell it. The buyer will come and contact you. If in case of any negotiation available, they will contact and ask you. You are the one who will take the decision and sell the product. If you are a buyer, you need to filter out your location and area nearby so that you can meet the seller and purchase the product. It is just a mediator and will not ask for any commision. However, doing it through the app is recommended so that there will be fewer chances of fraud. Talking about how to download Quickr, you need to download it through 9Apps and we can assure you that it is the best place from where you can download Quickr.

How to download Quickr from 9Apps?

Click on the link here below right this article and download 9Apps first. Once done, search for Quickr and download it there.

Download 9Apps

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