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9AppsDo you own a smart TV? If you do, you must be knowing the pain of finding the remote every time when you want to start the TV. But do you know what is the smarter way? The smarter option is indeed to simply download an app which will work like your remote. We are talking about the app called Peel Remote. This app is indeed a blessing because you do not need the remote after using this app. You can simply download this and use it as long as you want to or you can operate the TV forever. But to do that, you need to first setup it with your TV. For this, you need to, first of all, find the cable operator and then the TV brand so that it will connect to your TV automatically. Then you can change the channels, use the internet and do everything one can do from their remote. You can use it and for this, you can simply download the app. But wait before you download it. Today we will download it from the new play store and for that, you need to download the play store as well called 9Apps. Once you download it, you can download Peel Remote from this.

How to download Peel Remote from 9Apps?

Click on the link given below, agree to the terms and conditions, give the permission and once done, simply install the app. After this search and download other app.

Download 9Apps

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