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9AppsWant to get updated even when you are not at home? Want regular news feeds in young device? Get the News18 app and get all the news at one place. The News 18 is the leading journalism which includes many popular channels of this network. All these channels would be available in your device. The app is easy to use as the design is simple and its interface is easy to understand. The News18 app provides the user all type of news regularly so that you will not miss any important update or event.

The app also categorises the news articles and videos into various categories. These categories will help you to find the news you want to read or watch. This app also provides personalised news. You have to just choose the categories of the news and the app would automatically provide you the news in which you are interested. The app shows news in articles and videos so that whatever you prefer can use. The app also allows you to bookmark the articles or videos you want to watch later. This app is available in the 9Apps store from where you can download it safely.

How to download News18 using 9Apps?

You would first have to download 9Apps from the given link to get the News18 app. Now open the app and search for the News18 app in it. Once you get the result, click on install and install the app.

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