9Apps Money Control

9AppsAre you an investor? Or planning to invest in stock market? Whatever your position is right now, you definitely need to get updated about the market regularly in both of these cases. The money control app is the one you can use to get regular feeds about the market. All ups and downs will be easy to check here on this app. The money control app is Asia’s number 1 app. This app gives you all news regarding rhe market including merger, take overs etc. The app is available in two different versions free and a paid one.

This app gets you covered with all the shares, mutual funds, stocks and commodity related news. The app lets you save your favourites and bookmark them. The app shows you latest price of Sensex, Nifty, India vix etc. It shows interactive and historical charts which are easy to understand. User can listen the news articles using text to speech feature. You can monitor your portfolios on this app. It provides you timely updates on your portfolio. It allows you to follow your favourite topics and top boarders for latest updates. It is available for android phones, iPhone and iPad. The app is available in 9Apps.

How to download Money Control using 9Apps?

The Money conrol app can be downloaded from 9Apps. So download 9Apps clicking in the download link and open it. Search for the money control app and download it.

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