9Apps Microsoft Excel

9AppsDo you use Excel sheets on PC? Wouldn’t you like it to have them in your phone too? 9Apps is an app that will help you in that. It gives you lots of apps to download in your device. It is safe and secure to use in your device. This app can be downloaded easily in your device. It is an app store with millions of apps available in the app list.

If you want to use Microsoft excel, you can download it too on 9Apps. Microsoft excel let’s you make tables, calculations, invoice, and lot more. You can make all your financial statements on it as well. It allows you to login on mobile using a Microsoft account. You can save all your sheets online. It also let’s you save the sheets in offline mode. It makes all the documents handy as you won’t have to switch on your PC to work.

How to download Microsoft excel using 9Apps?

9Apps Microsoft excel can be downloaded with the following steps-

  • Download 9Apps first from the link we have provided.
  • Install it on your phone by following the instructions.
  • Now open the installed 9Apps app on your phone and go the search option.
  • Type Microsoft excel and click search icon.
  • It will show you the search result. Click the app to install it.

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