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9AppsWe all use social media sites because it keeps us in touch with our friends, distant relatives, and the social world. Isn’t it true? And the most used social media site we use is of course FaceBook. Indeed, it is one of the most used social media sites throughout the world where people meet, talk, chat, date, do business, share their own blog, share their own thoughts and many more. But wait? How will they chat? If you are currently using Facebook, you must be knowing that now there is a separate app for chatting purpose. Isn’t it? We chat through the app Messenger where we have to enter the same id and password of Facebook and chat through the app to our Facebook friends. Yes, this is how the app works. Not just chatting, but you can also send different emoji, file, voice note and pictures to each other on the app. And the new feature says that you can now have a voice and video call as well. It also shows the last seen and if offline or online which helps us to talk. Isn’t it a great app? It is. And for downloading this amazing app, you need to download first 9Apps which are an online store where one can download different apps for sure. The downloading procedure is easy. Let us look here-

How to download Messenger from 9Apps?

Firstly, click on the given link, download the app and search for the app you want to install. It’s simple.

Download 9Apps

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