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9AppsHave some talent to show off? Or want to give tutorial? If you really have some talent or want to watch or learn something, then you would need LiveMe app. This app is not just an app, instead you could call it as a hub of talent. This is a broadcasting app which would help you to send broadcasts. All you would need to set a cover picture, telling about your talent and broadcasts. This would invite people to follow you and with that you would be able to showcase your talent live.

LiveMe app would help you meet new people and make them friends, as people can follow each other and can chat here. If a person is following you than you can send them direct messages and can chat with them. Otherwise, flying comments in broadcast would also allow you to chat with people. This app is free of cost and you can download it any device you want as it supports all platforms. With this app, you can receive gifts and can redeem them for real money. If you want this app, then our suggestion would be to download it from 9Apps store. This app store will let you download the app safely without any malware.

How to download LiveMe using 9Apps?

LiveMe app can be downloaded using 9Apps, so you would have to download 9Apps first. Once done, open the app and search for LiveMe. You would get it in the search results. Click on it and install.

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