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9AppsDo you prefer texting more than calling? Well, that’s all we all prefer nowadays. So you are no different. But one thing which makes you different is the app you use for texting with your friends and family. We all use different apps in our smartphone because it makes our work easier and better of course. But which app do you use for texting to the people you like? There are so many apps available because of which, the confusion creates to choose one among all. But here, we are talking about one such app which will make your messaging experience even better. How? Well, for that, you need to download the app Hike. Yes, Hike is the one we are talking about. You need to download it and it is a messaging app through which you can text different people for free of cost. You do not need to buy the app for using it. It is available free of cost which makes it better. For texting anyone, you need the person available on the same app and along with texting, you can call and video call too. Apart from this, you can send various audio video files to each other as well with different format files and documents. Everything will be protected and you can have a group chats too. It is a very simple app to use. But for that, you need to download 9Apps first.

How to download Hike from 9Apps?

For downloading the app, click on download link given below

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