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Hey, are you okay? Did you actually talk to someone today? If not, then no worries, talk to this app and know how you can be okay. Talk all your heart out and be free. This app is one of the best app for clearing your heart and being okay. If you think you have a lot to say but no-one to listen, then please download this app now and talk whatever you want. The app has got some specialists who can actually hear when you want to talk something and can give you an advice if you’re looking to seek it. The app is all about what you want, how you want and all that you want to talk about. You can discuss your issues, tell about your fears, have a talk on your anxiety and be free. Isn’t it a great app? Well, it is. So if you want to download it, we are going to share it how to do that. You just need to read this article and know how to get this done.

To use this app, you first require to download 9Apps in your device and if you have downloaded it, you can download any app you want to download including Hey.

How to download Hey from 9Apps?

You wish to download this app? Try downloading this app store by clicking on Download once. If you have installed it, you can then search for this app in the search bar and install this app too in your device.

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