9Apps Grammarly Keyboard

9AppsWant to improve your writing skills? Do you often make silly grammatical mistakes? Want to proofread your content? Get the Grammarly Keyboard app. This app will let you know what mistake you have made in your written content. Anything you have written will be checked through Grammarly and you will be able to correct it easily. The app is a keyboard which you would need to install and set as the default keyboard in your device’s setting. Once set it will start working for you and will stop you from making mistakes everytime you write something your device.

The Grammarly Keyboard app detects the grammatical errors and show them by highlighting it. The app will let you correct the error as it shows the suggestions to correct the error. It also provide word suggestions to the users to make your writing better and avoid repeated words by replacing the words with suitable words. The keyboard can be integrated with any app you are using in your device. This app is easy in use as the interface is easy and designed simply. This keyboard app is available in the 9Apps. You can download this app from it.

How to download Grammarly keyboard using 9Apps?

To download Grammarly keyboard app in your device, you would need to first download 9Apps from the given link. After downloading open the app and install. In it search for the Grammarly keyboard app and tap on install.

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