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9AppsSince the technology has made our life easier, even the banking has become easy nowadays. Now you no need to be on a line to transfer or withdraw your funds. You can do it easily through your ATM card and internet banking. However, internet banking is a bit difficult as compared to the app I’m going to tell you about today. Yes, today we are going to talk about an app called Google pay. As the name suggests, the app is introduced by Google itself to make our banking easier. Earlier, it was called as Tez and now it has been rebranded as Google Pay. The app is all about sending and receiving money. Through the app, you can transfer right away to any account. You just have to add the details correctly and transfer the amount. But before that, you need to link your app to your phone number which is linked to your account number so that it can fetch the details of your account. however, don’t worry, it is a safe app and your money will be safe with it. You’ll also have to add a pin code so that you can transfer the account only after entering the code. Apart from these amazing features, you’ll also get a chance to win a scratch card with your every transaction. You can download Google Pay app from 9Apps. Just follow the link and get the app now.

How to download Google Pay from 9Apps?

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