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9AppsWant to get updated with the world’s news every day? Don’t get time to read the newspaper? Get Google News now. Google News is another amazing product by Google. It updates you with the latest news regularly. The app is easy to use and you can install it on multiple platforms. The app is divided into different sections which makes it easy to reach to the news you are interested in. It can be downloaded in different platforms easily. This app is available for free, but for few subscriptions of magazines.

Google News gives you an option of ‘Your briefing’, which helps you in getting the briefs of the news. It will bring you all top stories from around the world and will brief you about all save your time. Whether it’s about Timeline of events, important people, it gives you full coverage of news. The news it brings to you is from the credible sources which ensure that original news will be delivered to you. You can download Google News from the secure platform of apps known as 9Apps. It has millions of apps in its store that you can download. The 9Aopps store is available for free of cost for all of it users.

How to download Google News using 9Apps?

You can download 9Apps from the given link, after which you can open the app and download Google News from the store using the search option.

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