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9AppsWant to get the route details? Getting late for office want shortest route or traffic free route? Get Google Maps. Google has gifted all of us with this amazing app. The app shows a map of the city. You would just need to turn your location on and allow this app to use it. The app has over 220 countries and territories mapped in it. It shows you the businesses and places on the map itself. You can check on the map which route is traffic free and which route will be shortest to reach your destination.

The Gooogle Maps application is available for all platforms and thus can be downloaded in all devices. Users can check the real time public transport info on this app. be it road closures, incidents or traffic, real time¬†details can be checked on the map. It will help you to reroute your destination. You can check what’s treending or the new places that are about to open. You can create a favourite list of your places and share it with friends. You can search for local restaurants, events and activities. The app can be downloaded¬†from 9Apps.

How to download Google Maps using 9Apps?

Download 9Apps in your device first using the given link. After downloading it, you would need to open it. Go to the search bar and type google maps in it. click search and tap on the app to install.

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